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BOAS: Mansion
M's, The: The M's
M. Ward: End of Amnesia
M. Ward: Transfiguration of Vincent
M. Ward: Transistor Radio
m.i.j.: The Radio Goodnight
MA$E: Feels So Good
Mac: Shell Shocked
Macabre: Murder Metal
Maceo Parker: dial: Maceo
Maceo Parker: Funk Overload
Macha: See It Another Way
Machetazo: Carne De Cementerio
Machetazo: Realment-Disfruto Comendo Cadaveres 10"
Machine Head: The Burning Red
Machine Head: The More Things Change...
Machine Head: Through the Ashes of Empires
Mad At Gravity: Resonance
Mad Caddies: Duck And Cover
Mad Caddies: Just One More
Mad Caddies: Quality Soft Core
Mad Caddies: The Holiday has Been Cancelled
Mad Capsule Markets: OSC-DIS
Mad Daddys: Pretty Thing b/w Trash Mavericks' "I Can Tell" [7" single]
Madball: Hold It Down
Madball: NYHC EP
Madcap: Stand Your Ground
Madcap: Under Suspicion
Madder Mortem: Deadlands
Made for TV Movie: The Story of My Heroics
Madlib: Shades of Blue: Madlib Invades Blue Note
Madonna: Ray of Light
Mads Ericksen: Suburban Cowboy
Magdalen Hsu-Li: Fire
Magic Kingdom: Metallic Tragedy
Magic Love Fountain: Free
Magic Lunchbox: Doin' Alright!
Magnapop: Mouthfeel
Magnetophone: Magnetophone
Magnolia Electric Co., The: The Magnolia Electric Co.
Magrudergrind: Owned!!
Magstatic: Country and City
Magstatic: Country Vs. City
Magstatic: Cruise Liner
Magstatic: Magstatic
Magstatic: Wrist Rockets & Roller Coasters
Maharahj: Repetition
Mahavatar: Go With The No!
Mahjongg: Machinegong
Mainline: Demo
Major Healy: Nonstop!
Major Matt Mason USA: Me Me Me
Majority Rule & Positive State: split 7"
Make Lisa Rich: Another Venus
Make Up: Save Yourself
Makers, The: Rock Star God
Makers, The: Stripped
Makeshift Conspiracy/The Sarcastic Bitch SPLIT CD, The: The Makeshift Conspiracy/Jaded From Ninth Grade
Malady: Malady
Malcolm Hunter: WUNDerground Radio
Malevolent Creation: Conquering South America
Mali Music: Mali Music
Malignant Tumor: Dawn of a New Age
Mammoth Volume: Noara Dance
Man Is The Bastard: Mancruel
Man Man: Man Man
Man Man: The Man in a Blue Turban With a Face
Man Scouts of America: Crash Course
Man: Machine
Man: Machine
Manatees, The: Snackin' With The Manatees
Manchurian Candidates / Hawg Jaw: Split 7"
Manda and The Marbles: Angels with Dirty Faces
Manda and the Marbles: More Seduction
Mandarin: Fast>Future>Present
Mandate of Heaven, The: Burn Me for your Friends
Manegarm: Nordstjarnans Tidsalder
Mange: Disillusioned
Manic Hispanic: The Recline of Mexican Civilization
Manimals: Horrorcore
Mankind Liberation Front: Isolated re-mixes 12"
Mankind Liberation Front: Mankind Liberation Front
Mannix: Come To California
Mantler: Sadisfaction
Maplewood: Maplewood
Maquiladora: White Sands
Marah: Kids In Philly
Marc Almond: Open All Night
Marc Copely: Limited Lifetime Gaurantee
Marc Olsen: Brighter When
Marc Olsen: Didn't ever...Hasn't Since...
Marduk: Plague Angel
Marduk: World Funeral
Maria Muldaur: A Woman Alone With The Blues . . . Remembering Peggy Lee
Marilyn Manson: Antichrist Superstar
Marilyn Manson: Remix & Repent EP
Marilyn Manson: The Last Tour On Earth
Mark Helm: Everything's OK
Mark Kozelek: Rock 'N' Roll Singer
Mark Lanegan Band: Bubblegum
Mark Lanegan: I'll Take Care Of You
Mark Lanegan: Scraps At Midnight
Mark Lemhouse: Big Lonesome Radio
Mark Mallman: Mr. Serious
Mark Mallman: The Red Bedroom
Mark Mallman: Who's Gonna Save You Now?
Mark Mathis: Songs I Learned in College
Mark Mulcahy: Smilesunset
Mark Olson and the Creekdippers: December's Child
Mark Selby: Dirt
Mark Stuart: Songs From A Corner Stage
Marlee MacLeod: Like Hollywood
Marly Marl: Re-Entry
Maroon5: Songs About Jane
Maroons, The: You're Gonna Ruin Everything
Mars Volta, The: Frances The Mute
Marshall Tucker Band: Stompin' Room Only
Marshall Wilborn: Bass & Banjo
Marshmallow Coast: Time Square
Martin Rev: Martin Rev
Martina Sorbara: The Cure For Bad Deeds
Martinis, The: Smitten
Marty Robbins: Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs
Martyr Ad: On Earth As It Is In Hell
Marven's Garden: Fresh Produce
Mary Ann Farley: My Life of Crime
Mary Lorson & Saint Low: Tricks for Dawn
Mary Timony: Mountains
Mary Timony: The Golden Dove
Marz: Lung Fu Mo She
Mascott: Electric Poems
Maserati: The Language of Cities
Mashin' Potatoes: A Tribute to DEVO
Masked Superstar: Beautified for Sound
Mass, The: City of Dis
Massgrav: Napalm Over Stureplan
Mastadon: Lifesblood
Master P: MP Da Last Don
Masticators, The: "Boyfriend's Heart" b/w "Fine Afternoon"
Masticators, The: Masticate!
Mastodon: Remission
Mastretta: Mastretta
Matchbox 20: Yourself Or Someone Like You
Mates of State: My Solo Project
Mates of State: Our Constant Concern
Mates Of State: Team Boo
Matmos: The Civil War
Matt Elliott: The Mess We Made
Matt Keating: Tiltawhirl
Matt Parker: Private Jet
Matt Pond PA: The Green Fury
Matt Pond PA: The Nature of Maps
Matt Skiba & Kevin Seconds: Split CD
Matt Suggs with thee Higher Burning Fire: Amigo Row
Matt the Electrician: Baseball Song
Matt Tiegler: Gods and Heroes
Matthew Bayot: Circling Buzzards
Matthew Jay: Too Soon
Matthew Sweet: Time Capsule: The Best Of...
Matthew: Everybody Down
Mattoid, The: Hello
Maudlin of the Well: Leaving Your Body Map
Maura O'Connell: Walls & Windows
Maxeen: Maxeen
Maxwell: Embrya
Maybrick: breakuptheband
Mayday: I Know Your Troubles Been Long
Mayday: Old Blood
Mayflies USA, The: Walking in a Straight Line
MC5, The: Human Being Lawnmower
MC5: '66 Breakout!
MC5: Starship: Live at the Sturgis Armory, June 27, 1968
McLains, The: More Fun Than We Ought To Have
Mclusky: Mclusky Do Dallas
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Are A Drag
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Blow In The Wind
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Have A Ball
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Take A Break
Me'Shell Ndegeocello: Peace Beyond Passion
Mealticket: Lisa Marie
Meanflower: -- A Distant Episode
Meanwhile: Lawless Solidarity
Meanwhile: Same Shit New Millennium
Meat Beat Manifesto: Actual Sounds + Voices
Meat Purveyors, The: Sweet In the Pants
Meatjack: Days of Fire
Mechakucha: One Million Safe Hours
Mediaeval Babes: Salva Nos
Mediaeval Baebes: Worldes Blysse
Meg Lee Chin: Junkies and Snakes
Meg Lee Chin: Piece and Love
Megadeth: Risk
Megadeth: The System Has Failed
Megan Reilly: Arc of Tessa
Meisha: Meisha Returns Meisha Forever
Mekons, The: New York, On the Road
Mekons: Fear and Whiskey [Re-issue]
Mekons: Punk Rock
Melechesh: Sphynx [Enhanced CD]
Melee/The Cancer Kids: Split 7"
Melissa Ferrick: Everything I Need
Melissa Ferrick: Freedom
Melissa Ferrick: Valentine Heartache
Mellow: Another Mellow Spring
Mellowdrone: Go Get 'Em Tiger
Melochrome: Stay A Little Longer
Melochrome: This Is Motion
Melotron: Sternenstaub
Melting Pot: Live At Berkeley Square
Melting Pot: Polarities of Paradox
Melvins + Lustmord: Pigs of the Roman Empire
Melvins, The + Fantomas: Millennium Monsterwork
Melvins, The: Hostile Ambient Takeover
Melvins: 26 Songs
Melvins: The Bootlicker
Melvins: The Crybaby
Memory Garden: Verdict of Posterity
Memphis Radio Kings: Memphis Radio Kings
Memphis: I Dreamed We Fell Apart
Mendoza Line, The: If They Knew This Was The End
Mendoza Line, The: Lost In Revelry
Mennen: Freakazoid
Menomena: I Am The Fun Blame Monster!
Mensen: Oslo City
Mental Home: Black Art
Mental: Get An Oxygen Tank
Mentally Ill, The: Gacy's Place: The Undiscovered Corpses
Menthol: Danger: Rock Science!
Mento Buru: No Dancing Please!
Meow Meow: Snow Gas Bones
Mephiskapheles: Maximum Perversion
Mephiskapheles: Might-Ay White-Ay
Mercenaries, The: how Sweet The Sound
Mercenaries, The: The Last Resident In A Tourist Town
Mercury Boy: Get It Goin'
Mercury Program, The: All the Suits Began to Fall Off
Mercury Program, The: From the Vapor of Gasoline
Mercury Rev: All Is Dream
Mercyful Fate: Dead Again
Meredith Brooks: Bad, Bad One
Merl Saunders With His Funky Friends: LIVE!
Merle Haggard: Big City
Merrick: Drive Around A Lot Hard and Fast Driving Club
Merrie Amsterburg: Season of Rain
Merril Bainbridge: Between The Days
Meshell Ndegeocello: Bitter
Messyheads, The: I'm No One
Messyheads: Say Something Stupid
Mest: Destination Unknown
Metal Church: Live
Metal Church: The Weight of the World
Metallica: Re-Load
Metric: Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?
Metro Stylee: Metro Stylee
Mice Parade: Obrigado Saudade
Michael Aston's Gene Loves Jezebel: Love Lies Bleeding
Michael J. Sheehy: Ill Gotten Gains
Michael J. Sheehy: No Longer My Concern
Michael J. Sheehy: Sweet Blue Gene
Michael McGlone: Hero
Michael Miller: When We Come To
Michelle Malone: Stompin' Ground
Mick Farren & The Deviants: On Your Knees, Earthlings!!!
Mickey Hampshire & The Masonics: Silently By Night
Microphones, The: Mount Eerie
Middlefinger: Quickie!
Midiron Blast Shaft: Starts Fires In Your Pants
Midnight: 7"
Midtown: Save The World, Lose The Girl
Migala: Arde
Mighty Hannibal, The: Hannibalism!
Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The: A Jackknife To A Swan
Mighty Nimbus, The: The Mighty Nimbus
Migraines: Shut Up
Mike Gibbins: A Place In Time
Mike Johnson: What Would You Do
Mike Levy: Fireflies
Mike Meltzer: The Big Go-'Round
Mike Ness: Cheating At Solitaire
Mike Ness: Under the Influences
Mike Park: For the Love of Music
Mike Patton: Pranzo Oltranzista
Mike Skinner: Staring Into Spaces
Mike Watt: The Secondman's Middle Stand
Miles: Structure vs. Happiness
Milk Cult: Project M-13
Millencolin: Life on a Plate
Millencolin: Pennybridge Pioneers
Milligram: This Is Class War
Millionaire: Outside the Simian Flock
Millions of Dead Cops: Now More Than Ever
Milton Mapes: Westernaire
Milwaukees, The: Angel with a Knife
Mind of Asian: Akai Hana 7"
Minders, The: Cul-de-Sacs & Dead Ends
Minders, The: Down in Fall EP
Minders, The: Golden Street
Mindgrinder: Mind Tech
Mindless Faith: Manifest Destiny
Mindless Self Indulgence: Alienating Our Audience
Mindrot: Soul
Minefield: War Machine
Mines, The: theWaytheWindWhipstheWater
Ming Star: King of Woolworths
Minibar: Road Movies
Minister Hill: Minister Hill
Minklungs, The: The Better Button
Minor Times, The: Making Enemies
Mint Royale: Dancehall Places
Minus 5, The: Down With Wilco
Minus 5: In Rock
Minus The Bear: Highly Refined Pirates
Mira: Apart
Misery Signals: Of Malice and the Magnum Heart
Miss: Civil War
Mission UK , The: Aura
Mississippi John Hurt: Live
Missy Roback: Just Like Breathing
Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra: The Key to the Gates of the Apocalypses
Mitch Friedman: Fred
Mitchelle Tanner: Mitchelle Tanner
Mix Mob, The: Four Song Demo CD
MK Ultra: The Dream Is Over
Mo Thugs Family: Mo Thugs Family Scriptures Chapter II: Family Reunion
Mobtown: Cactus Juice
Moby: Everything Is Wrong
Mockers, The: Living In The Holland Tunnel
Mockers, The: Somewhere Between Mocksville And Harmony
Model Rockets: Pilot County Suite
Modern Day Saint, The / Sonny: Tennessee Isn't Too Far Away
Modernist Explosion, The: A Popular Tool
Modest Mouse: Sad Sappy Sucker
Modey Lemon: Thunder + Lightning
moe.: Tin Cans and Car Tires
Mogwai: Happy Songs for Happy People
Mogwai: Mogwai EP+2
Mogwai: My Father My King
Mojo Nixon: Gadzooks!!! (The Homemade Bootleg)
Mojo Rib: Mojo Rib
Moke: Carnival
Moldy Peaches, The: The Moldy Peaches
Molly Hatchet: 25th Anniversary Best of Re-Recording
Molly Hatchet: Silent Reign of Heroes
Molly: The Finger
Mollys Yes: Wonderworld
Moloko Plus: Demo Cassette
Moment: Moment
Moments in Grace: Moonlight Survived
Momus: 20 Vodka Jellies
Momus: The Little Red Songbook
Mondo Grosso: MG4
Mondo Topless: Go Fast!
Mondo: This Is This
Moneen: The Theory of Harmonial Value
Money Mark: Change Is Coming
Monica: The Boy Is Mine
Monk: Quiver
Monkey Paw: Hating You Is So Easy
Monkey: "-Changito!"
Monkeywrench, The: Electric Children
mono: One Step More And You Die
Mono: Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined
Monster Magnet: Monolithic Baby
Monster Movie: Last Night Something Happened
Monstrosity: In Dark Purity
Monstrosity: Rise to Power
Moodorgan: Nexus
Moodswings: Horizontal
Moon-Ska Records Presents: Latin Ska Volume II
Mooney Suzuki, The: Electric Sweat
Moonlyght: Progressive Darkness
Moonshine Hangover: Mulberry Squeezins
Moonspell: The Butterfly Effect
MORBID ANGEL: Formulas Fatal to the Flesh
Morbid Angel: Heretic
Morcheeba: Parts of the Process
Morgion: Solinari
Morgue / Carmina: Split 7"
Morning Recordings: Music for Places
Morphine: The Best Of Morphine: 1992-1995
Morrissey: My Early Burglary Years
Morse Code Heartbeat: Paper Cuts
Mortal Clay: Unseen Element
Mortician: Chainsaw Dismemberment
Mortiis: The Grudge
Mortiis: The Stargate
Moses Guest: Moses Guest
Moth: Provisions, Fiction and Gear
Mother Hips, The: Green Hills Of Earth
Mother May I: 33 1/3
Mothman Prophecies, The: Music from the Motion Picture 2xCD
Motion City Soundtrack / Schatzi: Split CD
Motley Crue: Live : Entertainment or Death
Motorbaby: Motorbaby
Motorhead: Everything Louder Than Everything Else 2xCD
Motorhead: Hammered
Motorhead: Inferno
Motorhead: Snake Bite Love
Motorsagenservice: Du Habt Gottes Sagen
Mount Analog: New Skin
Mountain Goats, The: Tallahassee
Mountain Goats, The: The Coroner's Gambit
Mountain Goats, The: The Sunset Tree
Mountaineers: Mountaineers
Mouse on Mars: Idiology
Mouth of the Architect: Time & Withering
Movielife, The: This Time Next Year
Movies With Heroes: The Slate EP
Moving Units: Moving Units
Mower: People Are Cruel
Mr. Review: One Way Ticket To Skaville
Mrs. Fun: The Best Of...
Mrs. Grundy: Your Stinky Candy
Ms. Led: Afternoon In Central Park
MU330: Chumps on Parade
MU330: Crab Rangoon
MU330: MU330
MU330: Press
MU330: Ultra Panic
Mudhoney: Since We've Become Translucent
Mudhoney: Tomorrow Hit Today
Mudville: The Glory of Man is Not in Vogue
Muffs, The: Alert Today Alive Tomorrow
Muffs, The: Happy Birthday To Me
Mukeka Di Rato: Acabar Com Voce
Mull Historical Society: Loss
Mull Historical Society: Loss
Mull Historical Society: Us
Mum: Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today Is Ok / Remixed
MUMIA ABU-JAMAL: All Things Censored...
Munly and the Lee Lewis Harlots: Three Song Sampler
Murder City Devils: In Name And Blood
Murder City Devils: Thelema EP
Murder Inc.: Locate Subvert Terminate (The Complete)
Murder Squad: Ravenous Murder
Murphy's Law: The Best of Times / Good For Now
Murphy's Law: The Party's Over
Mus: El Naval
Muse: Showbiz
Mushroom: Foxy Music
Mushroomhead: XIII
Mushroomhead: XIII
Music For Our Mother Ocean II: A Benefit for the Surfrider Foundation
Music, The: The Music
Mustard Plug: Evildoers Beware!
Mustard Plug: Pray For Mojo
Muzzle: Betty Pickup
MxPx: Life In General
MxPx: Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo
MxPx: The Renaissance EP
My Awesome Compilation: Every Souvenir Has A Story
My Chemical Romance: I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
My Dad Is Dead: The Engine of Commerce
My Fate: Happiness Is Fiction
My Friend Stephanie: All The Pieces
My Friend Steve: Hope & Wait.
My Hotel Year: The Composition of Ending and Phrasing
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult: A Crime For All Seasons
My Man Friday: Sassy Girl single
My Minds Mine: 48 Reasons to Leave This Planet
My Morning Jacket: Chocolate and Ice EP
My Morning Jacket: It Still Moves
My Revenge!: Less Plot, More Blood
My Scarlet Life: InfraRed
My Superhero: SKAteboard Music
My Superhero: Solid State 14
Myk Gordon: The Real Thing
Myron: Destiny
Mysteries of Life, The: Come Clean
Mystikal: Unpredictable
Mytown: Mytown
mytown: mytown
Mytwilightpilot: 555 EP
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