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July 13, 2024

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My Superhero
SKAteboard Music (Vegas Records/Sick Little Monkey Music)

By: Alex Steininger

My Superhero is a Southern California pop-ska blend that uses an accordion. With the success of their second album, SOLID STATE 14, they decided to re-record and re-release their original CD, SKATEBOARD MUSIC, on Vegas Records.

The CD starts out with "Baggage." Right from the beginning the pop and the ska hit you like a brick, and you're instantly attracted to the music. Dance with it, jump around and bop, do whatever you want. The music is highly infectious, and will get you moving, but how you move is up to you. The drums are very meaty, while the guitar jumps from fast paced ska riffs to poppy hooks, all the while the bass slides through the song with intense passion. "Station (Down The Roadway)" starts out with a heavy upbeat, letting the listener dance through the song, and then the chorus hits you and the power pop is thrust upon you. Mixed in with the chorus is still the lovable upbeat that your feet loves, so no matter what you'll always have the opportunity to dance with it. The song is loose in some parts though, and seems to fall apart during some instances, but for the most part, they recover and turn the song back into a danceable, friendly ska tune. "Bargain Basket" is an instrumental. Not quite their usual selves, this song seems to lack their intensity, humor, and drive that make them the band they are. It just seems this song was thrown together as filler for this album, and I couldn't really get into this song. "Cheesey Love Ska" starts out pretty shaky, but when the vocals come in the song starts to shape itself. The guitar is highly danceable, too danceable to pass on. The background noise gets annoying, but if you try and drown it out, the song becomes a lot better. The leading vocals aren't the best, but the music does back them up nicely, taking a lot of attention from them. And the backing vocals are amusing for some reason, which adds to the song. All in all, the song is mighty catchy, but it has a lot of weak spots that tear it apart. "Grocer's Pride" starts out mighty infectious, and holds all the way through. Guitar solos thrown in here and there add flavor to the music, while the meaty drums always keep the song on track. About two minutes into the song they pick up the pace and thrust a very danceable guitar your way. It's very fast paced and will get you dancing until your covered in sweat. The pop hooks thrown in keep your interest. More of these songs and the album could be a smash hit. Too bad songs like these are lacking on this album. "Coley & Steve" is my favorite track on the CD, even though the song could do without the first minute. But after the first minute the pop-ska you love will shine through and capture you. The song is full of juicy hooks, which will draw you in and get you singing along. Especially the chorus. A nice upbeat is laced in, so you can dance and sing along with it. The CD ends with "Kung Pow," which is just basically a joke advertisement for a restaurant that only sells "Kung Pow Chicken for 5.99." This should have been a hidden track, rather than an actual track. There are some hidden stuff for you too keep an eye out for though.

This CD is good, but it definitely shows a much rawer, less mature My Superhero. They've come along way since this disc. This disc is basically for anyone who is already a My Superhero fan. I wouldn't recommend this disc to anyone who doesn't already own SOLID STATE 14. Pick that one up first, and once you fall in love with it, then you can listen to this one. Otherwise you'll think My Superhero is a very amateurish band. I'll give this CD a C+.

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