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December 8, 2023

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Quickie! (Self Released)

By: Alex Steininger

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Middlefinger combines many genres including ska, punk, funk, and metal. The outcome is a hyper, sugar buzz'd sound not to be missed. If you thought you knew what energy was, you haven't heard energy until you have heard this disc.

Starting off with "Celibate Brine" they quickly jump right into action. A fast paced upbeat gets you jumping and dancing, while funkish vocals get you bouncing and hoping around. With a kick from the bass the song jumps into a frenzy of punk rock. Hammering drums combined with a tight bass and a screaming guitar, you'll be sent into a mind image of a one man pit in no time. Stopping on a dime, they easily jump right back into the ska guitar which will send you dancing once again. And with the ease they used to jump back into the ska, they do it once again and jump right back into the punk. Never knowing what these guys will do, you better keep your eyes and ears open or they'll eat you alive. "Mole" doesn't waste any time and jumps right into some crazily fast punk rock right from the beginning. Just when it seems they're going to work you hard and give you no time to rest, they jump into some metal-funk. Although not as interesting as the punk or ska they play, it is humorous and adds a nice touch to the music. They're lyrics aren't the best, and with the addition of these funky outbursts, you can tell the band doesn't want to be serious or fight social issues threw their music. They just want you to forget all your problems for a few and have a good time, and laugh a little. And that's exactly what you'll do. "Dog Rape" closes out the CD. Combining everything from the previous songs, this song is sort of their "portfolio" song. Filled with ska, funk, punk, metal, and humor they also throw in a bunch of "la la's" for your enjoyment.

Watch out, and don't turn your back on these guys. They're always up to something, and what it is you'll never know until it happens. Wacky and crazy, these guys are fun. If you're tired of music being too serious and just want to have fun, the purpose behind music, then this is a band for you. I'll give this disc a B+.

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