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June 15, 2024

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Midiron Blast Shaft
Starts Fires In Your Pants (Reptilian Records)

By: Jeb Branin

This album may have what is the best album title of the year! Gotta love that. The music is even almost as good. If you have missed the decline in the quality of noise rock since the whole AmRep scene went cold, fret no more. M.B.S. may single handedly resurrect the sound. They take the classic AmRep routine and then add to it a seemingly incongruent mixture of infectious hooks and complex metallic hardcore. And is it noisy? You gotta be kidding me! Is *NSYC horrible beyond description? OF COURSE IT IS NOISY. Distortion is an instrument here folks. And I swear to you that I hear a vacuum cleaner being used to flesh out the sound in the same way a lot of bands use keyboards. All this and it is still one of the catchiest noise rock albums I have ever heard. The third track "With A Fine Tooth Comb-over" could be a radio hit. I kid you not. Track seven "Hump Bounce (I Like The Crotch On You II)" - another great title - has these blues inspired hard rock riffs that are so unforgettable pop metal bands the planet over would kill to have them. You might as well put this CD on your Christmas wish-list now.
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