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May 21, 2024

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MU330 (Asian Man Records)

By: Alex Steininger

The wacky St. Louis band known as MU330 is back with some more rock 'n' roll mayhem! Sure, they mix in some pop, ska, and even some punk here and there, but MU330 is all about rock, having fun, and laughing at yourselves. And on their forth album, their humor gets even crazier and funnier.

"Vow Vow" starts off with a really groovy bass line, before slamming on the drums, the guitars, and a burst of horns to brighten up the picture. While the bass line will keep you dancing, the rest of the band will have you wiggling around in joy, with the horns melting your soul and making you quite happy.

"Pool Party," on the other hand, starts out with some punk rock, before shaking things up with the horns and organs, changing it into a pop song. The band's crazy rock 'n' roll charge hits the roof as they wail on their instruments and hit the good time notes while putting a smile on your face.

These guys know how to get loose and have some fun, and they demonstrate it track to track. They aren't bothered by the problems of the world; instead they opt to have loads of fun to make sure their listener forgets their problems and just goes all out to their music. And what better way to do so then with a song called "Hot Cheese." Serving up some ska beats over their usual power-pop sound, the band frantically runs around note to note with a wacky charge to them that rubs off on the listener.

"San Francisco" serves up more horn accented pop songs as the band rejoices that they're going to "Go to San Francisco and play with Johnny Socko." Who needs sadness and tragedy in this world when they have a party band like MU330 that doesn't even take themselves seriously?

The band even admits that "The World's not resting on your shoulders... time will come to save the plant," as they try to win the heart of a girl who is too pre-occupied with the problems of the world, like laboratory testing of make-up on rats, eating animals, and other political issues like this. Seriously, the time will come, and the band realizes this, and since they still think of themselves as kids, they kick off their shoes and rock.

Ending with some ska, "32?," shows the band switching from ska to pop, and back again as they dive between all the styles they love while having the times of their lives.

Simply put, these guys are fun. There is never a dull, tiring moment when they're music is blaring out of your stereo. They're childish, clowns, and couldn't care less. What's not to love? I'll give this album a B+.

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