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C.I.A.: Attitude
Cadaver Eyes: No Time To Haste CD-R
Cadillac Blindside: Read the Book, Seen the Movie
Cadillac Tramps: Live!
Cage: Darker Than Black
Cake: Comfort Eagle
Cake: Fashion Nugget
Caleb Klauder: Sings Out
Calexico: Feast of Wire
Caliban: Shadow Hearts
Califone: Quicksand/Cradlesnakes
California Oranges: Oranges & Pineapples
California: Elekibass
Call and Response: Tiger Teeth
Call Me Lightning: The Trouble We're In
Calla: Televise
Callenish Circle: Forbidden Empathy 2xCD
Calling, The: Video and CD Compilation
Camaro Hair: Far From OK
Camaros, The: Dangergirl
Camber: Beautiful Charade
Camber: Wake Up and Be Happy
Camera Obscura: Underachievers Please Try Harder
Cameron Dezen: Love + Rescue
Campfire Girls: Delongere
Candiria: 300 Percent Density
Candy Ass: Orgy
Candy Butchers: Play With Your Head
Candy Snatchers, The: Human Zoo!
Candy Snatchers, The: Pissed Off, Ripped Off, Screwed
Candye Kane: Whole Lotta Love
Candyskins: Death of a Minor TV Celebrity
Canned Heat: Boogie 2000
Canned Heat: Friends In The Can
Canned Heat: The Boogie House Tapes
Cansecos, The: The Cansecos
Canyon: Empty Room
Capitalist Casualties: 1996-1999: Years in Ruin
Capitalist Casualties: Disassembly Line
Capitalist Casualties: Planned Community 6"
Capitalist Casualties: Subdivisions In Ruins
Capitol K: Island Row
Capitol K: Island Row
Capitol Years, The: Jewelry Store
Capitol Years, The: Meet Yr Acres
Captain Tractor: Celebrity Traffic Jam
Capture The Flag: Start From Scratch
Caramel: Caramel
Caramelize: Thank You, Uncle Tom
Carbon Leaf: 5 Alive!
Carbon Leaf: Indian Summer
Carcass: Choice Cuts
Careen: Crash Couture
Cargo Cult: Strange Men Bearing Gifts
Caribbean, The: History's First Know-It-All
Caribbean, The: William of Orange EP
Carlsonics: Carlsonics
Carol Blaze: introMonius v.1
Carrie Akre: Home
Carrier: Carrier
Carson Cole and the Hippy Chicks: Naked
Carte Blanche: Summer's End
Cary Hudson: Cool Breeze
Cary Pierce: You Are Here
Cash Audio: The Orange Sessions
Casket Lottery, The: Moving Mountains
Casper and the Cookies: Oh!
Cassettes, The: The Cassettes
Cast Aside: The Struggle
Castanets, The: Cathedral
Casualties, The: Die Hards
Cat Power: The Covers Record
Cat Power: You Are Free
Cataklyzm: Scent
Catch 22: Live
Catch 22: Washed Up!
Catfish: Viciously Delicious
Cathedral: Caravan Beyond Redemption
Cathedral: Endtyme
Cathedral: The Serpent's Gold
Cathedral: The VIIth Coming
Catheter/F.U.B.A.R.: Split CD
Catheters, The: Static Delusions and Stone-Still Days
Cato Salsa Experience: A Good Tip For A Good Time
Catty Witch / Deadline: Split CD
Caught Inside: 4 song advance
Cause For Effect: PQ-2
Causey Way, The: With Loving And Open Arms
Caustic Resin: Keep on Truckin
Cave-In: Tides Of Tomorrow
Cave-Ins, The: Gridfarce By Lamplight
Cebola Mol: Samba Roulotte
Celest: See Through Me E.P.
Cells, The: We Can Replace You
Centaur: In Streams
Centro-Matic: All The Falsest Hearts Can Try
Centro-Matic: Distance And Clime
Centro-Matic: Love You Just The Same
Cephalic Carnage: Anomalies
Cephalic Carnage: Exploiting Dysfunction
Cerebral Noize: Process
Chaan! Ban! Thank You Ben: Chaan! Ban! Thank You Ben
Chains, The: On Top Of Things!
Chainsuck: Kindly Stop For Me
Champale: Simple Days
Champion: Promise Kept
Chapel Of Gristle: Apologies For Being Born With a Penis
Chapmans, The: Follow Me
Chapmans, The: Notes from Home
Character: We Also Create False Promises
Chargers Street Gang, The: Holy The Bop Apocalypse
Charlatans UK, The: Songs From the Other Side
Charlie Rich: Behind Closed Doors
Charlotte Martin: On Your Shore
Charmparticles: Sit Down for Staying
Chasm, The: The Spell of Retribution
Cheap Sex: Headed for A Breakdown
Cheap Shots-Volume II: Burning Heart Records bands compilation
Cheap Trick: Cheap Trick
Cheap Trick: Special One
Checkered Cabs, The: Remember
Chemical Brothers, The: Singles 93 -- 03
Chemical Burn: Three Song Sampler
Chemlab: Burn Out At The Hydrogen Bar -and- East Side Militia [re-issues]
Chemlab: Oxidizer
Chemlab: Suture
Cherry Poppin' Daddies: Soul Caddy
Cherry Poppin' Daddies: Zoot Suit Riot
Cherry Valence, The: Riffin
Chesterfield Kings, The: Surfin' Rampage
Chesterfield Kings, The: Where The Action Is!
Chevelle: Point #1
Chevelle: This Type of Thinking
Chicago Underground Duo: Axis and Alignment
Chicken Hawks, The: Hard Hitting Songs For Hard Hit People
Chicken Hawks, The: Siouxicide City
Chicklet: Indian Summer
Chicklet: Wanderlust
Chico DeBarge: Long Time No See
Chigger: Trampoline
Children of Bodom: Trashed, Lost, and Strung Out
Chinchilla: Madtropolis
Chinkees, The: ...Are Coming!
Chinkees, The: Searching For A Brighter Future
Chip Taylor: Seven Days In May...
Chitlin Fooks: Did It Again
Chixdiggit!: From Scene to Shining Scene
Chlorine: Primer
Choke: There's A Story To This Moral
Chokebore: Black Black
Choking Victim / Squatta's Paradise: Crack Rock Steady split CD
Choking Victim: No Gods / No Managers
Choo Choo La Rouge: Wall To Wall
Chris Breetveld: Pop Go! The Breetles
Chris Butler: The Devil Glitch
Chris Clark: Empty The Bones Of You
Chris Connelly and the Bells: Blonde Exodus
Chris Dodge/Dave Witte: East - West Blast Test
Chris Isaak: Speak of the Devil
Chris Lee: Chris Lee
Chris Lee: Cool Rock
Chris Mills: The Silver Line
Chris Murray: Raw
Chris Richards: Pathetic History
Chris Robinson: New Earth Mud
Chris Tsefalas: I'm All Right?
Chris Whitley: Dirt Floor
Chris Whitley: Hotel Vast Horizon
Christian Death: The Best of Rozz Williams
Christiansen: Emphasizing Function Over Design
Christiansen: Forensics Brothers and Sisters!
Christiansen: Stylish Nihilists
Christina Aguilera: Stripped
Christion: Ghetto Cyrano
Chrome Locust: Chrome Locust
Chronic Future: Lines in my Face
Chubby: Is It Time
Chuck Schuldiner: Zero Tolerance 2xCD
Chumbawamba: Readymades
Chumbawamba: WYSIWYG
Church, The: Parallel Universe
Churchills, The: You Are Here
Churn: This Way to the Other Side
Cigarbox Planetarium: Self-Titled
Cinema Beer Nuts: The Original Punk Rock Taste
Circa Survive: Juturna
Circle of Dead Children: Exotic Sense Decay 7" picture disc
Circle of Dead Children: Human Harvest
Circle of Dead Children: The Genocide Machine
Circle Takes The Square: Circle Takes The Square
Circus: Circus
Citizen Bird: Citizen Bird
Citizen Cope: Citizen Cope
Civil Carnage: Abomination in the House of God
CJSS: Kings of the World / Zanister: Fear No Man / Southern Gentlemen: Exotic Dancer Blues
Clairvoyants: Your New Boundaries
Clampdown: We Sure Won't Keep Quiet
Clampitt, Gaddis, and Buck: Nine Tracks
Clan of Xymox: Farewell
Clancy Six, The: Process of Corpse Decomposition
Clann Zu: Black Coats & Bandages
Clare Quilty: Strong
Clark S. Nova: Dim Summer
Clarks, The: Someday, Maybe
Clawfinger: Two Sides
Clayton Ellers: A Flame In The Cold
Clean, The: Anthology
Clearlake: Cedars
Clearlake: Wonder If The Snow Will Settle
Clearmotive: Is There A Market For This?
Clemente: Teeth Measure The Need
Clevergirl: Masters of the Here and Now
Client: Client
Clientele, The: Lost Weekend EP
Cliff Hillis: Be Seeing You
Cliftons, The: Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol
Clinic: Walking With Thee
Clinic: Winchester Cathedral
Clint Mansell: Requiem for a Dream: Music from the Movie
Clit 45: Self-Hate Crimes
Clockcleaner: The Hassler
Close Call: Too Close
Cloud Eleven: Cloud Eleven
Clowns For Progress: Progress
Club 8: Strangely Beautiful
Clutch: Blast Tyrant
Clyde Wrenn: The Blue Cliff Record
Coal Chamber: Coal Chamber
Cock Sparrer: Live! Runnin' Riot Across The U.S.A.
Cockeyed Ghost: The Scapegoat Factory
Coco B's: Basement Songs: Firehawks and Dirtybirds EP #1
Codename: Rocky: Infinity
Codeseven: Dancing Echoes/Dead Sounds
Cody Cods: Tribute
Coheed and Cambria: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3
Col. Bruce Hampton and the Late Bronze Age: Isles of Langerhan
Col. Bruce Hampton and the Late Bronze Age: Outside Looking Out
Coldplay: A Rush Of Blood To The Head
Coldspot 8: It's the Feel Good
Cole Marquis: Lightning in a Bottle
Cole Marquis: Treasure Island Serenade
Coliseum: Coliseum
Collapsis: Dirty Wake
Collide: Chasing the Ghost
Collide: Some Kind of Strange
Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains: The Big Eyeball in the Sky
Color Red, The: Clear
Comeback Kid: Wake Up The Dead
Comets on Fire: Comets on Fire
Common Rider: This Is Unity Music
Common: One Day It'll All Make Sense
Company Flow: Funcrusher Plus
Complete Control: Reaction
Comrades/Agathocles: Split CD
Comrades: Comrades 7"
Concrete Blonde: Group Therapy
Concrete Blonde: Live In Brazil
Confession of Faith: Still Born
Conflict: Now You've Put Your Foot In It
Confrontation Camp: Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear
Confusione: 7"
Congress of the Cow: Congress of the Cow
Conjure One: Conjure One
Conshafter: Your Day Job
Consolation: Stahlplaat
Console: Rocket in the Pocket
Consolidated: Dropped
Consolidated: Tikkun Survivor Demos
Conspiracy, The: Too Far Gone
Constantines, The: The Constantines
Constantines, The: The Modern Sinner Nervous Man EP
Constantines: Shine A Light
Consumed: Hit For Six
Contagious: Home Remedy
Control, The: The Control 10"
Control, The: The Forgotten E.P.
Converge: Jane Doe
Cookie: Sweat-Soaked & Satisfied
Cool King Chris: Heard It Before/The Lolas: Ballerina Breakout/The Tonies: Daily Dose
Cool Nutz: Harsh Game (for the people)
Cool Nutz: Speakin Upon A Million
Cool Nutz: Verbal Porn
Coquettish: Total Pops Madness
Coral, The: Magic And Medicine
Coral, The: The Coral
Core: Not Your Size
Corey Glover: Hymns
Corn On Macabre: I & II
Cornerstone: Once Upon Our Yesterdays
Corpus Delecti: The Best of Corpus Delecti
Corrina Repp: It's Only the Future
Corrosion of Conformity: In the Arms of God
Cory Branan: The Hell You Say
Cosmo Topper: Pure Fast Vibration
Coulier: Cool, Cooler, Coulier
Country Club & The Porn Horns: The Stationwagon Revolution
Course of Ruin: Demo
Courtney Love: America's Sweetheart
Cousin Oliver: (818)
Cousteau: Sirena
Covenant: Europa
Covenant: Northern Light
Covered In Filth: A Tribute To Cradle Of Filth
Covert Agency: Covert Agency
Cowslinger, The: Deluxe
Crabs, The: Brainwashed
Crack City Rockers: Joyce Hotel
Cracked Cop Skulls: Why Pussyfoot When You Can Kill? 7"
Cracker: Forever
Cracker: Garage D'Or
Cracker: Garage D'or 2xCD
Cradle Of Filth: Dusk and Her Embrace
Cradle of Filth: Lovecraft & Witchhearts
Cradle of Filth: Nyphetamine
Cradle of Filth: Songs from Nymphetamine
Cramps, The: Fiends Of Dope Island
Crank: Occams Razor
Crank: Picking up the Pieces
Crary & Hoppers and Their American Band: Self-titled
Crash A/D: Thermal System
Crawdaddy: Luche Libre
Crawdaddy: The 19th Annual Badger Convention
Crawdaddy: The Lean Years...
Crazy Mary: Passion Pit
Crazy Mary: She Comes In Waves
Cream Abdul Babar: Excavation 1995-1998
Crease: Vindication
Creeper Lagoon: Remember The Future
Creeper Lagoon: Take Back The Universe and Give Me Yesterday
Creeper Lagoon: Watering Ghost Garden
Creeps on Candy: Wonders Of Giardia
Crematorium: A World Where Only Nightmares Prevail mini-CD
Crescent, The: The Crescent
Crestfallen: Crestfallen
Cricket Rumor Mill, The: Renderings
Crimescene: Rapture
Criminals, The: Burning Flesh and Broken Fingers
Crimpshrine: The Sound Of A New World Being Born
Crimson Glory: Astronomica
Crimsons, The: We Never Asked to be Here Anyway
Crionics: Armageddon's Evolution
Cripple Bastards: Misantropo A Senso Unico
Cripples, The: Dirty Head
Cripples, The: Dirty Head
Crisis: Like Sheep Led To Slaughter
Crisis: Like Sheep Led To Slaughter
Crispy Ambulance: Scissorgun
Critters Buggin: Amoeba
Crix Crax Crux: Camel & Needle
Cro-Mags: Revenge
Crocketts, The: We May Be Skinny and Wirey
Crooked Fingers: Red Devil Dawn
Crooked Fingers: Reservoir Songs EP
Crooked Smile: A Million Things To Say...
Crossbreed: Synthetic Division
Crossed Out: 1990-1993
Crossfade: Crossfade
Crowbar: Lifesblood for the Downtrodden
Crowbar: Sludge: History of Crowbar
Crown, The: Possessed 13
Crown/a>, The: Crowned UnHoly
Crowpath: Old Cuts and Blunt Knives
Crucifer: The World Dies 1989-1999
Cruel Timothy: Rules of Thumb for the Molested
Cruel Timothy: Rules of Thumb for the Molested (2nd printing)
Cruevo / Brainoil: Split CD
Crumbox: Map of the Sky
Crumbs, The: Last Exit
Crushstory: A+ Electric
CruxShadows, The: Ethernaut
Cruxshadows, The: The Mystery of the Whisper
Cry Baby Cry: Jesus Loves Stacey
Cryptic Slaughter: Convicted and Money Talks
Cryptomnesia: Hypnerotomachia
Cubanate: Interference
Cuffs, The: Bottoms Up
Cult of Luna: Salvation
Curl Up and Die: But the Past Ain't Through With Us [MCD]
Curlupanddie: Unfortunately We're Not Robots
Cursive / Eastern Youth: 8 Teeth To Eat You - Split CD-EP
Cursive: Burst and Bloom
Cursive: Burst and Bloom
Cursive: Domestica
Cursive: The Ugly Organ
Curve: Come Clean
Cuspidor: Keys To Quezaltenango
Cuspidor: The End Men Sing
Custom Made Scare: The Greatest Show On Dirt
Custom Made Scare: The Show Must Go Off
Custom: Fast
Cut The Shit: Bored to Death 7"
Cutters, The: In The Valley of Enchantment
Cutters: Sonic Wave Love
Cyann & Ben: Happy Like An Autumn Tree
Cyclefly: Crave
Cyclefly: Generation Sap
Cyness: Loony Planet/Indutreality
Cynics, The: Living Is The Best Revenge
Eddie Spaghetti Old No. 2
From The Five From The Five
John Hiatt Master of Disaster
John Prine Fair & Square
Nickle Creek Why Should the Fire Die?
Water Tower Fly Around
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