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June 22, 2024

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Picking up the Pieces (One Foot Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Crank is a melodic punk trio hailing from Sydney, Australia. They're influences range from NOFX, Snuff, and The Hard-ons to bands with a harder edge like Poison Idea, Black Flag, and Bad Brains.

The CD starts off with "Vertigo." It starts out with very thick guitars, and then it jumps into it's full on frenzy of ferocious guitars, screaming drums, and a bass that kicks the music into a powerful depth of energy. The vocals are clean and understandable, and play well with the music. While the instruments create some of the melody, the vocals add a lot in the melodic department. As the music cruises through the beat without a thought, the vocals keep the speed under control. "Lonely Man" goes from fast punk beats to more melodic melodies and choruses that drag the listener by the feet across his own carpet floor and force him to listen to what is being said. But no force is needed, the listener happily listens as they deal with the topic of a guy who pushes away all his friends, and will take it as far as dying a "lonely man." "Insanity" keeps on delivering the goods. Powerful guitars, the constant of drums ringing in your ears and the drummer beats down on the head of the drum and try's to make the skins bleed, and a thumping bass. The music drives straight through your emotions and goes straight to your brain. They music wants to have a good time, no worries, no fears, and to just relax. As you listen you feel like singing along with the enclosed lyrics. Or you feel like playing air guitar with the CD. Or maybe you feel like jumping around in a crazy frenzy in your surroundings? However you react, the music wants you to enjoy it, and while your enjoying it it makes you fall in love with it. "Why Did you Go?" "Christmas Eve," and "Punk A' A'right" keep the music coming. And with a band this much into The Hard-ons, they pay their only little tribute to the band that has given them many good times by covering "Don't Want To See You Cry." Their cover is fast, intense, but still keeps it's melodic edge. It draws the listener in and then attaches to his brain. The guitar solo in this song, even though I'm not a big fan of guitar solos, is done very well and sounds nice.

Crank is a band with a good sound. I'm a fan of good melodic beats, and they have them. Sometimes you need speed to let your aggression out on, and they have it. Power and feeling can be found in this CD, which always makes music fun and real. I'll give this CD an A.

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