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April 12, 2024

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Crash A/D
Thermal System (Escalation Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Crash A/D is a fusion of industrial and techno. Combining hard-hitting, angry beats with a techno/rave feel, these guys avoid the angry stereotype that follows industrial music with their use of techno music.

Listening to THERMAL SYSTEM will force the formation of various shapes and images appearing in your head. You'll sit listening, and the strobe lights will immediately start jumping around in your head. You'll see a lot of people dancing, and the party will begin. The music is harsh and angry, but still keeps a lighter edge to it. The vocals are Scratchy and loud, going from straight ahead talking to screams within a short amount of time. The drum machine kicks the beat in the background, giving the music a very danceable feel for all you ravers. The only problem with the music is that I find it to be very repetitive. It's the same "party" over and over. It's a non-stop rave for over fifty one minutes, but its the same music over and over again. You'll hear it once, enjoy it a bit, but as time passed the music will start to fade and eventually create its own spot as background music.

I listened to the CD once and thought it was an ok disc, but as a few more listens and I just grew very tired of it. It just repeated itself over and over again. I can still image the disc being a hot album with ravers across the nation, but other than that, I don't see this as a disc you can put in and sit back and enjoy. It's very one dimensional, and not very versatile. I'll give it a C- for it's effort, and for enjoying it somewhat the first time I listened to it.

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