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May 21, 2024

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Stylish Nihilists (Revelation Records)

By: Jeb Branin

I almost never look at the bios and promotional materials that come with CDs until after I have written a review because even after 20 years in the zine business, I still find myself occasionally influenced (unduly) by the hype they contain. Sometimes, however, I have to look at the promotional materials just to be able to figure out which name on the cover is the band name and which is the album name. This CD is a prime example; looking at the album art I can't tell if the band name is CHRISTIANSEN or STYLISH NIHILISTS. Unfortunately, the band moniker is the former and the later is the album name. Considering the album name has far more emphasis in the art, you may want to look under Stylish Nihilists at your CD store if you go shopping for this. This is the band's third release; maybe they figured they had enough name recognition that it would be obvious? Musically the band spins a web of post-hardcore splendor. Oddly intriguing melodies (that still rock) run rampant throughout the album. The vocals have that slightly off-key (or maybe just off-kilter) charm that was so prevalent in the early 90s amongst bands plying their trade in what was often called the North Carolina sound. Bands like KNOWUN (who were not from North Carolina, but from SLC). I daresay this is not one of those albums that is going to grab you upon first listen, but rather will slowly worm its way into your brain. Yay! Brain worms.
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