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December 2, 2023

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Company Flow
Funcrusher Plus (Rawkus)

By: Wes Eckmayer

Company Flow has been in the forefront of Hip Hop's independent movement. For those not familiar with Company Flow, they specialize in misanthropic lyrics, and awkward, sparse clashing music. Their credo is "Independent as fuck". Co- flow enjoys pushing limits and alienating anyone who doesn't quite see it their way. Hip Hop has its Steve Albini.

Funcrusher Plus is a 20 song collection of their singles, Funcrusher EP and new songs. It is what you would expect from Co-Flow. From Vital nerve s scathing attack on the Hip Hop masses "I never liked authority, When sales control status, I place no faith in the majority.." to "We can all play Lord of the Flies, when this industry sees it demise" Co-Flow complex styles spit venom at anything that doesn't hold up to their standard of Hip Hop. Company Flow are New York tradition on acid while reading Nietchze and watching futuristic sci-fi movies.

They let they their whole crew the Indelible Mc's (J-tread,Bruin of the Juggaknotts and Co-Flow) rhyme over the strangest beat with a sitar sample on the Fire In Which You Burn . Somehow it manages to stay hardcore Hip Hop.

Its from the graffiti, b-boying, mcing and djing idea of Hip Hop perspective. Lune TNS has Big Jus listing off graff pioneers. The DJ, Mr. Len is showcased frequently on the album. He is not a very good dj but it adds to the sound. Most of this album is a a pure Hip Hop for insiders type album.

However, maybe the best moment on the album comes when El-P steps away from the battle rhymes and discusses how the abuse of his mother by his step-dad destroyed his innocence on Last Good Sleep. This song is very well written and disturbing. It may cause psychological problems for the listener by pulling you in to his neurosis.

This album is not for everyone. It is not smooth or easily palatable. Do not buy this to relax to and enjoy good vibes. This being said, it is extremely good album. It pushes the limits that only the freedom of having independent, creative control allow.

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