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December 2, 2023

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The Crocketts
We May Be Skinny and Wirey (Self-Released)

By: Ollie

The crocketts are the latest addition of brilliant bands that have been coming out of Wales in the last few years. But they don't sound like the Sterophonics, or catatonia, or the Manics, in fact, they don't sound like anyone I've heard before. To give you an idea of what they sound like, I'll attempt to describe it: A weird little welsh bloke, who's obviously had the most amount of crap girlfriends possible, playing fast little acoustic songs, backed up by some imaginative lead guitar, some brilliant bass and crashing drums. As soon as you play the first song, you know this album is going to be something different, you know it's not just your ordinary, run of the mill music. 'Flower girl was the second single released by the band, and its absolutely ground stomping. Your then treated to the delight of hearing 'Davey' screaming his lungs out on 'Loved ya once.' The next 11 tracks all, without any doubt in my mind, make up the album on the year. The album is dripping with consistent, brilliant quality. It's difficult to pick a highlight, because the tracks are all of an equally high standard.

The only one criticism that you could say about the album is that, lyrically, it is a bit restricted. Don't get me wrong, there are some wonderful lines on there, but the majority of them are just him slagging off former girlfriends!

I cannot give this album enough credit, and to top it all, the Crocketts are one of the most energetic live bands you will find. All I can say is this, 'buy the album!'

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