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July 22, 2024

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H2O: F.T.T.W
H2O: Go
H3llb3nt: Hardcore Vanilla
Hagfish: Hagfish
Haggis: What's Up Haircut?
Hairy Apes BMX: Expatriape
Hal Blaine: Deuces, T's, Roadsters & Drums
Hal Lovejoy Circus, The: American Made
Halestorm: Breaking The Silence
Half Japanese: Hello
Halfway To Gone: Halfway To Gone
Halfway To Gone: High Five
Halibuts, The: Life On The Bottom
Halo: Guattari [From the West Flows Grey Ash and Pestilence]
Hammerfall: One Crimson Night
Hangmen, The: We've Got Blood On The Toes Of Our Boots
Hank Locklin: Generations In Song
Hank Plank & the 2x4s: Venus Hair Trap
Hank Williams: Alone With His Guitar
Hapi Skratch Records: Skratch Trax 1 1/2
Happy Fernandez: Happy Fernandez
Happy Texas: Music From The Miramax Motion Picture
Har Mar Superstar: The Handler
Har Mar Superstar: You Can Feel Me
Hard Bargain: Hard Bargain
Hard Skin: Same Meat Different Gravy
Harlan Cage: Forbidden Colors
Harmful : Anima Nera
Harold Ray: Live In Concert
Hasil Adkins: Out To Hunch
Hasil Adkins: Poultry In Motion
HASSAN I SABBAH: 7" clear vinyl
Haste: Pursuit in the Face of Consequence
Hate Dept.: Technical Difficulties
Hate Eternal: Conquering The Throne
Hate No. 3: The Voice Full Of Hate From Far East.CO.JP [MCD]
Hatebox/N.O.Y.F.B.: Split 7" [purple/gray swirl vinyl]
Hatebreed: Satisfaction is the Death of Desire
Hateplow: Mosh Pit Murder
Haujobb: Vertical Theory
Haunted Church, The: Dark Matrix Composium
Haunted, The: One Kill Wonder
Haunted, The: Revolver
Haven: Between The Senses
Hawg Jaw: Believe Nothing 12"
Hawthorne Heights: The Silence in Black and White
Hayden: Skyscraper National Park
Hayden: The Closer I Get
Hayley Hutchinson: Independently Blue
Haymaker/Oxbaker: Split 7"
Haze: Master of the Powerless
Hazel: Airiana
Hazen Street: Hazen Street
He Who Corrupts / Infestation of Ass: Split 7"
Head Hits Concrete: Hope, Fear, and the Terror of Dreams 7"
Headboard: Brendan Goes to College
Headrillaz: Coldharbour Rocks
Headstrong: Headstrong
Headz Or Tailz: Do Or Die
Hearse: Armaggedon Mon Amour
Heart: Alive In Seattle
Heather Eatman: Real
Heavenly States, The: King Epiphany [single]
Heavenly States, The: The Heavenly States
Hednoize: Searching For The End
Hefner: Boxing Hefner
Hefner: Dead Media
Heidi Berry: Anthology
Heidi Saperstein: Zara
Helio Sequence, The: COM PLEX
Helio Sequence, The: Young Effectuals
Hell Child: Bare Skin
Hell Yeahs, The: The Hell Yeahs
Hella: Bitches Ain't Shit But Good People
Hellacopters: Payin' The Dues
Hellcat Records Presents...Give 'Em the Boot
Hellchild/Kilara: The Kutna Hora Split
Hellnation: Cheerleaders For Imperialism
Hellnation: Dynamite Up Your Ass
Hellnation: Fucked Up Mess
Hellnation: Thrashwave
Hello Goodbye: Heart Attack
Hello Nurse: Hey Sailor
Helloween: Better Than Raw
Helloween: Rabbit Don't Come Easy
Hellworms: Crowd Repellent
Helmet: Size Matters
Helmet: Unsung: The Best of Helmet 1991-1997
Helms: McCarthy
Help Wanted: The Return of Monkey Face
Helper: Helper
Helvis: Reverence The Sacrifice
Hem: Rabbit Songs
Henry's Child: Clearly Confused
Hentchmen, The: Three Times Infinity
Hepcat: Push 'N Shove
Hepcat: Right On Time
Heptet (formerely Ska King Crab), The: Mission To Mars
Her Flyaway Manner: Her Flyaway Manner
Here Comes Everybody: Once More With Feeling (Four songs from...)
Here: Brooklyn Bank
Herman Dune: Mash Concrete Metal Mushroom
Herman Jolly: Mad Cowboy Disease
Hermano: Dare I Say
Hey Brother...Can you Spare Some Ska?: Vegas Records Cheap-O Ska Comp.
Hey Mercedes: The Weekend E.P.
Hi-Fi Drive By: Life's Not This Book You've Been Sold
Hi-Standard: Making The Road
Hicky: The Proof Is In The Booze
Hidden Cameras, The: The Smell of Our Own
Hidden Cameras: Mississagua, Goddam
Hidden Hand / Wooly Mammoth, The: Night Letters
Hidden Hand, The: Mother Teacher Destroyer
High And Mighty: Single-Open Mic Night/The Meaning
High Fidelity, The: Demonstration
High Llamas, The: Lollo Rosso
High on Fire: Blessed Black Wings
High On Fire: Surrounded By Thieves
High Score, The: Sexy Losers
High Violets, The: 44 Down
Highbinder: ...All the Way To Hell
Higher Burning Fire, The: In Plain Song
Higher, The: Star Is Dead
Highroad No. 28: Dynamic Introspection
Hill Stomp: the cree.p.
Hillstomp: One Word
HiM: Many In High Places Are Not Well + Crescent: By the roads and the fields
HIM: Razorblade Romance
Himsa: Death Is Infinite
Himsa: Ground Breaking Ceremony
Hioctan: Headscan
Hippos, The: Forget The World
Hipster Daddy-O and the Handgrenades: Armed and Swingin'
Hirax: Barrage of Noise
Hirax: Blasted In Bangkok - CD/10"
Hirax: El Diablo Negro - 7" Picture Disc
Hirax: The New Age of Terror
His Name Is Alive: Last Night
His Name Is Alive: Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth
Hiss, The: Panic Movement
Hives, The: Oh Land! When? How?
Hives, The: Veni Vidi Vicious
Ho-Hum: Near and Dear
Hockey Night: Rad Zapping
Hold Steady, The: Almost Killed Me
Hole: Celebrity Skin
Holier Than Thou?: 7"
Hollows, The: Descend
Holly Figueroa: How It Is
Holly Golightly: Truly She Is None Other
Holly McNarland: Stuff
Holly Palmer: Holly Palmer
Hollyridge Strings, The: Best of the Beatles Songbook
Hollywood Rivals: Get Into the Act...
Holocaust: Primal
Holocaust: Primal
Holopaw: Holopaw
Holy Sons: I Want To Live A Peaceful Life
Home Grown: Act Your Age
Home Grown: Kings of Pop
Honey Ryder: Honey Ryder EP
Honey Tongue: Take Me Anywhere
Honeys, The: Hot Day In Heaven
Honor System, The: Single File
Hood: Cold House
Hoods / Freya: Split CD
Hoods/Freya: Split CD
Hoods: Pray For Death
Hoods: Time... The Destroyer
Hoods: Time...the Destroyer
Hookers: Casting the Runes
Hoover's G-String: Crack
Hoover's G-String: Elephant Parts
Hope Blister, The: ...Smile's OK
Hope Conspiracy, The: Endnote
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions: Bavarian Fruit Bread
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions: Suzanne EP
Hopesfall: A-Types
Horace Pinker: Burn Tempe to the Ground
Hostage Heart, The: The Hostage Heart
Hostage Heart, The: Where there is Despair, Hope
Hot Cross: Fair Trades and Farewells
Hot Hot Heat: Make Up The Breakdown
Hot Rod Circuit: If I Knew Now What I Knew Then
Hot Rod Circuit: If It's Cool With You, It's Cool With Me
Hot Rod Circuit: Sorry About Tomorrow
Hot Snakes: Suicide Invoice
Hot Stove Jimmy: Salute
Hot Stove Jimmy: Theme For A Major Hit
Hot Water Music: A Flight and a Crash
Hot Water Music: No Divisioin
Hot Water Music: The New What's Next
Hot, The: Not For Sale
HotSocky: HotSocky
Hotter Than Hell!: An Injection of Psychobilly Madness!
Houndz, The: 2nd Adulthood
House of Large Sizes: Idiots Out Wandering Around
House Of Low Culture: Gettin' Sentimental 2x7"
Howie Beck: Hollow
Howie Beck: Hollow
Hum & The Quick: Like . . .This
Human Aftertaste: Eat Our Meat!
Human Television: Human Television
Humble Gods: No Heroes
Hummel: Rhythm Riots
Humpers, The: Plastique Valentine
Hunger, The: Cinematic Superthug
Hungry Lucy: Glo [2xCD]
Hungry Mind Review, The: Redemption
Hurricane Lamps, The: Tilting at Windmills
Hurt Process, The: Drive By Monologue
Hurt Process, The: Drive By Monologue
Hurtbird: Hurtbird
Hutch and Kathy: Hutch and Kathy
Hutch: Hutch demo
Hutch: Turn It Around
Hypatia Lake: Your Universe, Your Mind
Hypocrisy: 10 Years of Chaos and Confusion
Hypocrisy: The Arrival
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