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July 22, 2024

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Human Aftertaste
Eat Our Meat! (Octopoid)

By: Jet Black

Oh, my, my! A what? A "Diamond studded Halo!" My Lands! Who? "Count Jabula!?" O! My Goodness! A goat? What did they do? "Eat it Alive!" What did you say? "The Rough Beast!" God save us! I have never seen nor heard such filth, and smut, and naked perversion, my children! Hide your eyes from these slutty, vile, cabaret horrors! And clap your hands over your ears against the words of Satan... and those filthy, masturbating guitars! And... and is that tribal, industrial, metal noise that I hear belching forth? Sounds like that Freddy Kruger down the street, and... and Mr. Manson has escaped again, and, and, and spilt his s-s-seed into these children. They are Ripping pages from the Book of Lies! May your souls be damned to all-hell for looking upon such heresy as this Human Aftertaste, and their sinful cd-rom pornos. ALL is lost, I profesy! My girlies, get you-selves to a nunnery! As God as my witness, Fire and brimstone will rain down on our heads! "EAT OUR MEAT" indeed! Sexual, erotic decadence screaming forth especially for the wicked, just like they preach in Hollyweird, and that Lost Vegas! Vaginas and everythin' just hanging out for Bill Clinton and every-body. Women with bright, un-natural coloured hair, spreading their serpentine legs, and licking their filth, and that damned rock in rolls royce, with screaming and hollerin', and that rockstar misbehaviour, talking trash about sucking this, and sucking that, and sticking it in here, and... and... and... them dancey things that they do!! Why, these fools have canned their own sweet meats and added a bit of special sauce for extra flavour. And you know exactly what I mean! Now, you're going to have to get down on your hands and knees, my children! And pray for forgiveness for every time that your spin these devilish songs on this filthy album! You will burn in Hell! And may your body parts burn in the lake of fire everlasting for gazing upon these pornographic images dancing upon your computer screen like some nudey girl in a bawdy burlesque show! You better stick your fingers in your ears this minute! This is the product of dee-monic possession, and comes die-rect from the factories of smut and that fast guitar rock music, and from all them sick fantasies b-b-built up on the empire of Satan! May your blood boil, ooze forth, and spill upon your hands and feet for your own sinful wickness, you naughty, naughty children! Now, you stay-away from that damned enter-her-net! (B+ for the b-movie music & pornos.)
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