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L7: The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum
La Musica Della Mafia: IL Canto Di Malavita
Lach: Kids Fly Free
Lack of Interest: Trapped Inside
Lackloves, The: Star City Baby
LaDonnas, The: Pick Up Your Soul 7"
Ladybug Transistor, The: Argyle Heir
Ladybug Transistor, The: The Albemarle Sound
Ladytron: Light & Magic
Laguardia: Laguardia
Lagwagon: Blaze
Lagwagon: Let's Talk About Feelings
Lagwagon: Let's Talk About Leftovers
Laibach: Jesus Christ Superstar
Laibach: Wat
Laika & The Cosmonauts: Zero Gravity
Lair of the Minotaur: Carnage
Lair of the Minotaur: Carnage
Lake of Tears: Black Brick Road
Lake Trout: Another One Lost
Lamb of God: Ashes of the Wake
Lambchop: Is A Woman
Lamont: Thunder Boogie
Lamplighter: A Three Point Perspective
Lana Dagales/Iron Lung: Split LP
Land of the Bigfoot Ska: Ska from Bigfoot Country
Land of the El Caminos: Subourbon
Land of Thin Dimes: Land of Thin Dimes
Landing: Centrefuge EP
Landing: Circuit
Langley Schools Music Project, The: Innocence And Despair
Lanky: Inner Onwriter
Lanterna: Elm Street
Lanterna: Sands
Lard: 70's Rock Must Die
Lard: Pure Chewing Satisfaction
Large Professor: 1st Class
Larry Bright: Shake That Thing!
Larry Stephenson Band, The: Heavenward Bound
Larry Stephenson Band, The: Two Hearts On The Borderline
Larry Stephenson: Webco Classics Volume Five
Last AmAndA: Last AmAndA
Last Burning Embers: Lessons In Redemption
Last Dance, The: Perfect
Last Days of April: Ascend to the Stars
Last In Line: Crosswalk 7"
Last In Line: L'esercito del Morto 12" LP [green vinyl]
Last In Line: Last In Line 7"
Last Perfection: Violent Solutions for a Violent World
Latex Generation: 360 Degrees
Latex Generation: Boysrock
Latterman: Turn Up The Punk, We'll Be Singing
Laub: Intuition
Laughing Sam's Breakdown: Soul Reflection
Laurel Brauns: Periphery
Lauren Hoffman: From The Blue House
Laurie Lindeen: A Pregnant Pause
Lawrence Arms, The / Shady View Terrace: Split CD
Lawrence Arms, The / The Chinkees, The: Present Day Memories
Lawrence Arms, The: A Guided Tour of Chicago
Lawrence Arms, The: Apathy and Exhaustion
Lawrence Arms, The: Ghost Stories
Lazy American Workers: Surf Lake Erie
Lazy Lane: The Chills
Le Force: Le Fortress
Le Scrawl: Eager to Please
Le Tigre: From the Desk of Mr. Lady
Leatherface: Dog Disco
Leatherface: Horsebox
Leatherface: The Last
Leatherstrip: Self Inflicted
Leaves: Breathe
Lee Roy Parnell: Tell The Truth
Leechmilk / Sofa King Killer: Split CD
Lefay: The Seventh Seal
Left Alone: Lonely Starts & Broken Hearts
Leftover Crack: Fuck World Trade
Leftover Salmon: The Nashville Sessions
Leftovers, The: 667 The Neighbour of The Beast
Lefty's Deceiver: Cheats
Legendary Pink Dots: All The King's Men
Legendary Stardust Cowboy and the Altamont Boys, The: Tokyo
Legends of Rodeo: A Thousand Friday Nights
Lemon Jelly: Lost Horizons
Lemonbabies, The: Pussy!pop
Len Brown Society: It Wasn't The Smoothest Time
Lenny Kravitz: 5
Lenny Molotov: Lenny Molotov [Cassette]
Leonard Cohen: The Essential Leonard Cohen
Les Baton Rouge: Chloe Yurtz
Les Savy Fav: Go Forth
Les Savy Fav: Inches
Lesliwood: Ms. Led
Less Than Jake: Anthem
Less Than Jake: Borders & Boundaries
Less Than Jake: Hello Rockview
Less Than Jake: Losing Streak
Lesser Birds of Paradise, The: A Suitable Frame
Lesser Birds of Paradise, The: It Isn't The Fall
Lesser: Suppressive Acts I-X
Let's Go Bowling: Freeway Lanes
Letter E, The: EP
Letter E, The: No. 5ive Long Player
Letters To Cleo: GO!
Lettuce: Outta Here
Leviathan: Tentacles of Whorror
Lewis: Even So
LFO: Sheath
Liars Inc.: Superjaded
Liars: Fins To Make Us More Fish-like
Liars: They Threw Us All In A Trench and Stuck A Monument On Top
Liberator: This is Liberator
Liberator: Worldwide Delivery
Libertine: See You In The Next Life
Libertines, The: Don't Look Back Into The Sun
Libido: Killing Some Dead Time
Libitina: Weltanschauung
Lick 57's: ...and the Band Played On!
Lickgoldensky: Lickgoldensky
Life In A Burn Clinic: Individual Rites
Life Of Agony: River Runs Again: Live 2003
Lifehouse: Stanley Climbfall
Lifend: Innerscars
Lifer: Lifer
LifeSavas: Spirit In Stone
Lift To Experience: The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads
Like Wow: Burn, World, Burn
Like Young, The: Looked Up Plus Four
Lilitu: The Delores Lesion
Lilitu: The Delores Lesion
Lillix: Falling Uphill
Limes, The: Turn Your Lights Off
Limited Sight Distance: 4-Song EP
Limitpoint: ...It All Takes Time
Lincoln: Lincoln
Lindsay Smith: Were You Prom Queen?
Link 80: 17 Reasons...
Link 80: Killing Katie
Link 80: The Struggle Continues...
Link Cromwell and the Zoo: Crazy Like A Fox
Liquid Daydream: --From a drift to a Glide
Lisa Germano: Lullaby For Liquid Pig
Lisa Gerrard: Whale Rider original soundtrack
Lisa Loeb: Cake and Pie
Lisa Mychols: Lost Winter Dream and Demo CD
Lisa-Marie Presley: To Whom It May Concern
lisahall: Is This Real?
Litany: Peculiar World
Litter & The Lazy Sleepers: "Ruff 'Nuff?" [Cassette]
Little Champions: Transactions + Replications
Little Hell: Demonic Advisory Centre
Little Killers, The: The Little Killers
Little Sue: Crow
Little Sue: Shine
Little Sue: The Long Goodbye
Little Wings - Light Green Leaves: Dennis Driscoll - Voices in the Fog (Drag City)
Live: V
Living End, The: Roll On
Liz Phair: Liz Phair
Lizzie West: WEST
LL Cool J: Phenomenon
Llama Farmers: El Toppo
Llorca: New Corner
Lloyd Brevett and the Skatalites: African Roots
Loaded Dreams: In It But Not Of It
Loadstar: Loadstar
Local H: The No Fun EP
Local H: Whatever Happened To P.J. Soles?
Loch Ness Mouse, The: Flair For Darjeeling
Loch Ness Mouse, The: Key West
Lock Up: Pleasures Pave Sewers
Lockgroove: Calm Right Down
Lockgroove: Rewired
Lockwood: Lockwood
Loftus: Hugs + Drugs
Logan's Loss: Filling The Frame
Logh: Every Time A Bell Rings An Angel Gets His Wings
Logical Nonsense: Soul Pollution
Lola Ray: I Don't Know You
Lollipop Lust Kill: My So Called Knife
London Quireboys: This Is Rock And Roll
Lone Pigeon: Concubine Rice
Lonely Kings: Crowning Glory
Lonely Kings: What If?
Long Beach Dub Allstars: Long Beach Dub Allstars
Long Beach Dub Allstars: Right Back
Long John Hunter: Ooh Wee Pretty Baby!
Long Since Forgotten: Standing Room Only
Long Winters, The: The Worst You Can Do Is Harm
Long Winters, The: When I Pretend To Fall
Longshot: Do You Know Who Your Friends Are?
Longwave: Day Sleeper EP
Longwave: The Strangest Things
Longwave: Tidal Wave EP
Lonley Kings, The: Love Songs for Drapes
Loose Fur: Loose Fur
Lopez: Lopez
Lord Litter: Just Blame Eddie
Lord Sterling: Today's Song for Tomorrow
Lords: The House That Lords Built
Lorenzo Goetz: Allure
Lorien: Under The Waves
Los Halos: Los Halos
Los Hooligans: Traditions
Los Infernos: Rock And Roll Nightmare
Los Infernos: The Outlaw b/w Beer Run 7"
Los Mex Pistols Del Norte: Esta Noche We Ride
Los Rudiments: Psycho Ska [The First Three Years -- 1990-1993]
Los Straitjackets: Damas y Caballeros!
Losa: The Perfect Moment
Lost City Angels: Lost City Angels
Lost Soul: Chaostream
Lostprophets: Start Something
Lostprophets: Start Something
Lot Six, The: Animals
Lot Six, The: GWYLO
Lot Six, The: The Code Mode
Lou Barlow's Sentridoh: Loobiecore
Loudermilk: The Red Record
Loudmouth: Loudmouth
Louise Goffin: Sometimes A Circle
Lounge-O-Leers Two, The: Now That's What I Call The Lounge-O-Leers Two
Love As Laughter: Destination 2000
Love In Reverse: I was Here
Love Nut: !Baltimucho!
Love Seed Mama: Jump
Love Selective: El Bimbo Latin
Love-Cars: I'm Friends With All Stars
Loveless: Gift to the World
Lovemongers: Here is Christmas
Lovetones, The: Be What You Want
Low Flying Owls: Elixir Vitae
Low Flying Owls: Singapore SlingElixir Vita_ -and- The Curse Of...
Low: Things We Lost In The Fire
Low: Trust
Lower East Side Stitches: Lower East Side
Lox, The: Money, Power & Respect
LSG: Levert-Sweat-Gill
Lubby Nugget: Flying Blue Rat Bites Punk Rock Horse
Luca Turilli: King Of The Nordic Twilight
Lucero: Nobody's Darlings
Lucero: Tennessee
Lucid Nation: American Stonehenge
Lucid Nation: Suburban Legends
Lucid Nation: Tacoma Ballet 2xCD
Lucid Nation: The New Return
Lucid Nation: The Stillness of Over
Lucinda Williams: Car Wheels On A Gravel Road
Luckie Strike: Future Is Turning
Lucky Strikes, The: Song and Dance
Lucy Loves Schroeder: Lucy Is A Band
Lug Nut and the Spare Tires: Back To The Past Lane/Movin' On
Luke Haines And The Auteurs: Das Capital: The Songwriting Genius of...
Luke Vibert: YosepH
Luna: Close Cover Before Striking
Luna: Romantica
Luna: The Days of Our Nights [re-release]
Lunachicks: Pretty Ugly
Lune, The: Blameless
Lupine Howl: The Carnivorous Lunar Activities Of...
Lush: Ciao! Best Of...
Luther Russell: Down at Kit's
Luther Vandross: I Know
Lycia: Tripping Back Into the Broken Days
Lynch Mob: Smoke This
Lyndsay Diaries, The: Remember The Memories
Lyndsay Diaries, The: The Tops of the Trees Are on Fire
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Lyve From Steel Town 2xCD (CD-ROM)
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Lyve From Steel Town 2xCD (CD-Rom)
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Vicious Cycle
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