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<Issue #34 - November-December 2000>

Featured Articles

Interviews & Show Reviews
INTERVIEW: Cherry Poppin' Daddies: Front man Steve Perry Discusses Popularity Contests
INTERVIEW: Dreams of The Fall: Death of Summer and Birth of Winter
INTERVIEW: Elliott Smith: Oscar-Nominee Speaks About Fame and Music
INTERVIEW: Jennifer Hope: Gothic and New Age Music?
INTERVIEW: Nerf Herder: Pop-Punk With A Sense of Humor
INTERVIEW: Pseudocipher: Electro-Gothic Duet
INTERVIEW: Roger Fisher: Founding Heart Guitarist
INTERVIEW: Written In Ashes: Goth-Rock Frontman Kevyn Hay Speaks
SHOW REVIEW: Sumerland/Margot Day/Soy Futura: Portland, Oregon - July 30th, 2000

Rock & Pop Articles
764-Hero: Weekends of Sound
Alien Crime Syndicate: From The Word Go
Bill Retoff: Pop Jewelry
Billionaire: Ascension
Bonfire Madigan: Saddle The Bridge
Carrie Akre: Home
Cherry Poppin' Daddies: Soul Caddy
Churchills, The: You Are Here
Dynamite Hack: Superfast
Furniture Huschle: Waiting For Parts
Go-Betweens, The: The Friends of Rachel Worth
Helio Sequence, The: COM PLEX
J-Majesty: J-Majesty
Januaries, The: The Januaries
Jealous Sound, The: The Jealous Sound
King Black Acid: Loves A Long Song
Link Cromwell and the Zoo: Crazy Like A Fox
Live at the Blue Room
Los Mex Pistols Del Norte: Esta Noche We Ride
Marshmallow Coast: Time Square
Meisha: Meisha Returns Meisha Forever
Mytown: Mytown
Nash Kato: Debutante
NRBQ: You Gotta Be Loose
Paris, Texas: Brazilliant!
Pele: The Nudes
Posies, The: In Case You Didn't Feel Like Pluggin In
Rick Monroe: Shame
Sally Taylor: Apt. #6s
Spoozys: Astral Astronauts
Sunday's Best: Poised to Break
Sunny Day Real Estate: The Rising Tide
T. Valentine: Hello Lucille... Are You A Lesbian?
Viletones: A Taste Of Honey

Punk & Hardcore Articles
Agents, The: <401>
All: Problematic
Amebix: Arise!
Avail: One Wrench
Bloodpact/Varsity: Split LP
Candy Ass: Orgy
Chixdiggit!: From Scene to Shining Scene
Chris Dodge/Dave Witte: East - West Blast Test
Control, The: The Control 10"
Damned, The: BBC Sessions
Dizzy Elmer: This Bad Dog
Dropkick Murphys: The Singles Collection
GOB: The Kill Yourself Commandment 12"
Good Riddance: The Phenomenon of Craving
Intensity: Wash Off The Lies/Battered Soul
Killingtons, The: The Killingtons
Krigshot: ...Och Hotet Kvarstar 7"
Last In Line: Crosswalk 7"
Mash It Up 2000 - Boston Ska Volume 5
Midiron Blast Shaft: Starts Fires In Your Pants
New York Dolls: A Hard Night's Day
NOFX: Pump Up The Valuum
Queers, The: Beyond The Valley...
Rancid: Rancid
Ratos De Porao: Sistemados Pelo Crucifa
Scalplock: On Whose Terms?
Shank: Two Different Shank 7"'s
Strung Out: The Element of Sonic Defiance
Total Fucking Destruction: Demo 2000 CD-R
Unholy Grave / Capitalist Casualties: Racism Split 7"
Weston: The Massed Albert Sounds
What Happens Next?: Stand Fast Armageddon Justice Fighter

Metal & Hard Rock Articles
16: 2000 advance demo
8 Stops 7: In Moderation
Boiler Room: Can't Breathe
bomb32: All of the Above single
Boulder: Ravage And Savage
Crease: Vindication
Deadeyesunder: Cursed Be The Deceiver
Dee Snider: Never Let The Bastards Wear You Down
Deftones, The: White Pony
Eyehategod: Confederacy Of Ruined Lives
Napalm Death: The Complete Radio One Sessions
Nasum: Human 2.0
Nickelback: The State
Nokturnal Mortum: NeChrist
Return of Rock
Sodom: 2 Originals Of Sodom
Sodom: Agent Orange
Sodom: Better Off Dead
Sodom: Get What You Deserve
Sodom: Marooned Live
Sodom: Masquerade In Blood
Sodom: Ten Black Years -- Best Of 2xCD

Country & Bluegrass Articles
Steve Earle: Transcendental Blues

Electronic & Gothic Articles
Black League, The: Ichor
Landing: Centrefuge EP
Laub: Intuition
Needulhed: Superhero Undead
Odor of Pears: Crown of Thorns
Raz Ohara: Realtime Voyeur
Second Skin: Skin Samples
Tina Cousins: Killing Time
Ultimate Dance Party 2000

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