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Issue #41 - October 2001
Morton's List: The End To Boredom

Issue #40 - August-September 2001
CRUEL CORNER: Vicious & Mean, Sweet and Generous
Gary "Pig" Gold's Top 48 (NON-Kasenetz 'n' Katz) Bubblesongs of All Time! (in Alphabetical order)

Issue #39 - July 2001
CRUEL CORNER: The Ones That Lured Me In
CRUEL CORNER: Wherein Our Perenially Disgruntled Critic Finds Love In A Quadratic Equation
Gary Pig Gold's All-Time Top Ten Power Pop People

Issue #38 - June 2001
CRUEL CORNER: June 2001 - Clint Darling Slaughters...
Musicians Resources: CDBaby Member Meeting
To Catch A Falling Star

Issue #37 - March-April-May 2001
Crooked Fingers: Deliverance in the Wasteland: Why Eric Bachman of Crooked Fingers is the Mad Max of our musical apocalypse
CRUEL CORNER: March 2001 - Clint Darling Reviews...

Issue #36 - February 2001
Clint Kaster Takes On...: CDs That Didn't Make It Into The Main Review Section
Gary Pig Gold's: 2000 Top 20

Issue #34 - November-December 2000

Issue #33 - September-October 2000
Gary Pig Gold Takes You On A Day In The Life... On The Road Again

Issue #32 - July-August 2000
All of this "The Making of a Superstar/boygroup" Shit, Stinking up my Garbagecan Voodoo Machine (w/antenna or cable capabilities), has Caused Me to Write This
Gary Pig Gold's All-Time Favorite Beach Boy Records: 20 Big Ones!

Issue #31 - June 2000
SPOKEN WORD: Noam Chomsky: Case Studies In Hypocrisy - U.S. Human Rights Policy 2xCD
Ten Reasons Why The Sex Pistols Didn't (or Couldn't) Save Rock And Roll: The Filth and the Fury

Issue #29 - March 2000
Best Goll-Darn Singer You've Never Heard Comes From The Same Country Bryan Adams and Celine Dion Did... Really!
BOOK REVIEW: Father of Rock & Roll: The Story of Johnnie "B. Goode" Johnson

Issue #28 - February 2000
FEATURE: Soy Futura: A dark electronica sound sporting operatic-like vocals
Shaking, Rattling and... Reading??!: Dowling Press Makes it Worth Reading Again

Issue #27 - January 2000
Gary Pig Gold's Top 40 Most Influential (Pop) Records of the 20th Century!

Issue #26 - December 1999
Crystofer Paules' Top-Ten of 1999 List
Editor's Top-Ten of 1999 List
Gary Pig Gold's Top-Ten of 1999 List
Sonya Brown's Top Ten List for 1999

Issue #25 - November 1999
Communicating Within the Music Industry
Grindstone: Nowhere Under
Indie Records: Boom or Bust?: It's Your Choice
Make A Joyful Noise!: Free At Last From Major Labels?
North by Northwest Music and New Media Conference: Disassembling The Hype
Nothing To Fear (But Fear Itself)
Reality of Prioritizing for Independent Musicians
Shortchanging, Prohibited!: The Music Business Is Not An Overnight Goldmine
The Shaggs' Own Thing

Issue #24 - October 1999
Greg Put The Bomp!: Bomp Records' 25th Anniversary

Issue #23 - September 1999
Gary Pig Gold's Pigshit: Eight Questions for Rick N. Harper

Issue #22 - August 1999
Afterlife: A New Beginning
Guitar Lessons: Learning From Books: The "First Stage" Guitar Book!
Thank You Masked Man: The Wacky Life, and Grizzly possible death, of Jimmy Ellis
The Apparent "Suicide" of Kurt Cobain

Issue #21 - July 1999
Citizen King: Making Royal Green Cards
Sugar Ray: Fifteen Minutes Never Took So Long

Issue #20 - June 1999
Gothic/Industrial Music in the Media: Some Comments Related to the Tragedy in Colorado
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