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Issue #65 - April-May 2004
Lewis Black: Rules of Enragement

Issue #64 - Jan-Feb-March 2004
Canada Calling: e-Mole Vs Nardwuar, the Human Serviette
Canada Calling: What's Hot In A Cold Country?
Chica Lishis: Big snow. No shows. Employees blow

Issue #63 - November-December 2003
Canada Calling!: The Greatest Canadian Rock n' Road Story Ever!
Chica Lishis: A Tale of Two Bands: A Nursery Rhyme
Chica Lishis: What's up your poop shoot? Epoxies? Ouch.
Favorite Waste of Time: Still a DVD column, but why?
Pillow Talk: Porn Review

Issue #62 - September-October 2003
Canada Calling!: Fun facts About Your Favourite Canuck Recording acts
Chica Lishis: A Year In The Life Of Chica Lishis!
Comedy Central Presents... Crank Yankers: The Best Uncensored Calls - Volume 3
Cyborg Revisited: Gary "Pig" Gold Sees A Simply Saucer
Favorite Waste of Time: DVD reviews and musings (September)

Issue #61 - July-August 2003
Canada Calling!: The Raving Mojos' Church of the Latter Day Rock
Chica Lishis: Interviews the Buzzcocks! (well-sort of)
GARY PIG GOLD: He Don't Live Today (Sorry): My Noel Redding Experience

Issue #60 - May-June 2003
Canada Calling!: Canada's finest 74 minutes
Chica Lishis: Here, there, everywhere a Chica!
Chica Lishis: Hittin' The Note
Favorite Waste of Time: DVD reviews and musings (June)
Favorite Waste of Time: DVD reviews and musings (May)
Gary Pig Gold Has Eight Questions for Robert Barry Francos

Issue #59 - April-May 2003
Canada Calling!: April, 2003
Chica Lishis: Gogol Bordello, War Protesting, The Oscars, And Some Other Stuff I Just Threw In
CRUEL CORNER: Tells You The Truth About YOUR Shitty Band
Indie Label Hot Seat: Startime International
Pronounced "Morris", By The Way: The Rare, The Precious, The Death of a Bee Gee

Issue #58 - March 2003
Canada Calling!: A Dozen Canadian Singles That Made A Difference
Chica Lishis: GBH gives Chica the HBGs! (I don't know what it means either.)
Gary Pig Gold Got His Kicks With: JOE STRUMMER
Indie Label Hot Seat: Dualtone Records

Issue #57 - February 2003
Alive and Well In Argentina At Last: The Mirth, The Music, The Magic of Zalman Yanovsky
All rules and no rebellion makes the indie-scene alternadull
Canada Calling!: February, 2003
CRUEL CORNER: Return of Clint Darling, The: Ruthless, Cruel & Inhumane
Indie Label Hot Seat: Gearhead Records
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of 2002

Issue #56 - January 2003
Canada Calling!: Shut Up & Play Yer Guitar!
Cirque Du Soleil
Gary Pig Gold Recommends: Ten You May Have Missed in 2002
Matthew Greenwald's: Top Ten Albums (New Releases) of 2002
Matthew Greenwald's: Top Ten Reissues of 2002
Working Girl Laments! Snowfuck To The Rescue!

Issue #55 - December 2002
Bill Hicks: Flying Saucer Tour Volume 1 -and- LoveLaughterAndTruth
Canada Calling!: December, 2002
Chica Lishis: War and Peace: A Chica Lishis Treatise On The Power Of Music, or, Bite Me. I'm Cold.
Gary Pig Gold Ponders: How Truly Powerful Is Today's Pop?
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