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<Issue #20 - June 1999>

Featured Articles
Gothic/Industrial Music in the Media: Some Comments Related to the Tragedy in Colorado
Rock Serling and Gary "Pig" Gold's TRIVIAL ROCK QUIZ!

Interviews & Show Reviews
INTERVIEW: Alien Crime Syndicate: Joe Reineke
INTERVIEW: Ean Hernandez: Tales from the Birdbath
INTERVIEW: Johny Vegas: Keith Calveric
INTERVIEW: Manic Hispanic: Punk Band
SHOW REVIEW: Pete Krebs and the Gossamer Wings/Richmond Fontaine/The Maroons

Rock & Pop Articles
44 Long: Inside the Horse's Head
Alien Crime Syndicate: Alien Crime Syndicate EP
Altimeter: Bantyman b/w Where You Go [7" single]
Chevelle: Point #1
Custom Made Scare: The Greatest Show On Dirt
Dealership: Secret American Livingroom
Denise Marsa: Self
Disappointment Incorporated: F=0
Enuff Z-Nuff: Paraphernalia
Ernies, The: Meson Ray
fudgeGUN: Behind Closed Doors
Ghost Rockets, The: The Spatula Ranch Sessions Volume 1
Grind: Best Of
Haggis: What's Up Haircut?
Ian Whitcomb: This Sporting Life
Jad Fair and Jason Willet: Enjoyable Songs
Jason Rubenstein: Cathedral
Joy the Bug: Many Mighty Massive Malls
Julian Coryell: Bitter to Sweet
Keller Williams: Buzz! and Spun
Korea Girl: Korea Girl
Marc Olsen: Didn't ever...Hasn't Since...
Mascott: Electric Poems
Momus: 20 Vodka Jellies
Morgion: Solinari
Motorhead: Everything Louder Than Everything Else 2xCD
Nancy Hess: Away
PC69: Electrified
Pins, The: All The Night Sky
PUYA: Fundamental
Rentals, The: Seven More Minutes
Rye Coalition: The Lipstick Game
See Jane Run: Dog Days
Shallow: Jumping Away From Something Exploding
Spanglish 101: Various Spanish-English bands
Stacey Earle: Simple Gearle
Swimmer: Surreal
Ten Story Love: Ten Story Love
Track One AB: Reverie
Twisted Willie
Vigilantes Of Love: To The Roof of the Sky
Vince Bell: Texas Plates

Punk & Hardcore Articles
Blind Herd of Sheep: A Compilation of Berkeley High Bands
Built For Speed - Tribute to Motorhead
De La Hoya: Has No Credibility EP
Fat Music Volume IV: Life in the FAT LANE
Fifteen: Lucky
Generiks: Revenge of the Dung Beetle
Good Riddance: Operation Phoenix
Groovie Ghoulies: Fun in the Dark
H2O: F.T.T.W
Idle Hands: Music from the Motion Picture
Integrity 2000: Integrity 2000
Krigshot: Maktmissbrukare
Napalm Death: Words From The Exit Wound
No Innocent Victim: Flesh and Blood
No Rest For The Dead: Earthling From Mars
Only The Strong MCMXCIX
Overthrow: React
Queers, The: Later Days and Better Lays
Ratos De Porao: Carniceria Tropical
River City Rapists: Love Hurts

Electronic & Gothic Articles
Atari Teenage Riot: 60 Second Wipe Out
Black Dawn: Absence of Time
Diabolic: Supreme Evil
Emperor: IX Equilibrium
Flying Rhino International Presents: Third Flight: Slipstream
Killengod (Fear No God): Into The Ancient Moon
Noise Kills Punk Dead
Quirk: Machina Electrica & Fornax Chemica
Rotting Christ: Sleep of the Angels
Sea of Tranquillity: The Omega Ruins
Spineshank: Strictly Diesel

Rap & R&B Articles Articles
Music Inspired by the Motion Picture "Life"
Tevin Campbell: Tevin Campbell

Ska, Swing & Jazz Articles
Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The: Buck Jump
Gone Orchestra, The: No Price Too High
Indigo Swing: Red Light!
Katharine Whalen: Jazz Squad
MU330: MU330
Potshot: Rock 'n' Roll
Set 'Em Up Joe: Set 'Em Up Joe
Skeptictank: Potted Meat Food Product
Smooths, The: No Brakes

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