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July 25, 2024

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Spatial Field
Remember Right Now (Victory Records)

By: Vinnie Apicella

Some uplifting music with a fall in and out of love first person spin to go with some clever night time clips of the Windy City between lyric pages. Initially a side-project meant to foster their home grown and growing up tastes from their Harder-core origins, Spatial Field began life in 2000 and got their break from their shoestring "Cloak & Dagger" EP that won 'em new fans and fanzine press. "Remember Right Now" is a solid Rock record with the associative H/C gone Emo gone Pop principles that places 'em somewhere within the ranks of Post-Punk and "Indie" with catchy melodies, chorus, and polished, if not an overproduced final output. The biggest selling point about Spitalfield is they throw out more hook to grab onto than most of their age and don't concern themselves with glamorizing their delivery. They stick to the principles of a good Pop tune -- short, simple, and sweet, with an easy to follow chorus and verse and AOR-led intentions, on a similar scale to fellow successes, Fallout Boy, Boy Sets Fire, or most likely The Movielife. Where many albums feature the best two or three cuts at the onset, maybe a slight variation, by six or seven there's no fooling we're listening to the same lazy verse only retitled and very redundant. Not the case here. Tunes like "Those Days You Felt Alive," "Kill The Drama," "Five Days And Counting," and "Stolen From Some Great Writer" boast voracious verses the listener can swing onto and ride the duration of the song and wake up with them the next day. Remember The Knack's first album? How about Cheap Trick's "In Color?" "Remember Right Now" is very much a "now" record that's well schooled in the principles of such past hits, borrowing on the idea that one or two songs does not an album make, so let's presume we'll only have one shot and make it count. Oversimplified, yes, but simplicity is the key to successful songwriting and proven time and again by bands forty years older and a million and one records wiser! And "Remember Right Now's" a full length in every sense. Five or six of the songs could step forward and work as successful singles -- "Five Days And Counting," would make a good first choice, or either of the two "ballads" that follow, "In The Same Lifetime" or "Am I Ready?" But either probably serve better as second or third follow ups. "Make My Heart Attack" at the end is another logical choice. Spitalfield won't make any new friends in their old neighborhood but taken at face value, they've got the makings for homespun success story with this strong debut.
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