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May 17, 2024

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Crush, Kill, Destroy (Slap A Ham)

By: Jeb Branin

Ahhhhh yes. As one of the highest profile bands in extreme hardcore all eyes (and ears) have been turned to SPAZZ for the release of their fourth full length CD titled, appropriately, "Crush, Kill, Destroy". Expectations are high because this album is in many ways a "State of the Scene" barometer, especially considering that 1999 is turning out to be THE year of extreme music. Needless to say SPAZZ don't disappoint. "Crush, Kill, Destroy" is the catapult that launches extreme hardcore in general, and power violence in particular, into Y2K and it does so with enough velocity to keep it going strong for the duration of the millennium. Taking lessons learned over the entirety of their career, SPAZZ have forged their sharpest and most overpowering release to date. They have combined the chaotic intensity of their early releases, the heavy handed crunch of their metal tinged mid-career sound and the superior song writing of the "La Revancha" period. They have then striped down and streamlined everything, giving their sound a more thrash oriented flavor. Every song hits hard, fast, and savagely. Lyrically SPAZZ are more developed than on past releases, I especially enjoy the lyrics for "Let's Fucking Go" which extolls the virtues of the word "Go" as hardcore iconography, "Now 50% More Pants Shitting" which denounces racist language in the scene and "Dwarf Goober Militia" which is instructions for writing your own SPAZZ lyrics. Other stellar moments lyrically can be found on "[email protected]" which rips into online only scenesters, "Hardcore Before Mark McCoy was Emo Semen" which gives highly deserved props to BCT tapes, and "Gary Monardo's Record Vault Shirt" which will hopefully turn a few more people onto the totally underrated and nearly forgotten masters of thrash metal ARTILLERY. The CD's packaging is great and includes lots of pics, flyer pics, and a complete discography for everyone vainly trying to secure all forty five of their appearances on vinyl, tape and CD. You absolutely need to own this if you ever even dared to pretend you were into hardcore.
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