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June 22, 2024

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Deals Gone Bad (Jump! Up Ska)

By: Alex Steininger

Orgasmico is the latest addition to the Jump! Up Ska family. They're an upbeat, third wave ska band with humor, and a sense of what's fun. Their four song cassette, "Deals Gone Bad," serves up what everyone craves...danceable ska licks, and a load of fun.

Track one, "Exhibitionist," is an instrumental that is upbeat, full of horns, and will get you dancing in no time. Taking this band into consideration (name and everything), the song ends with a girl moaning like she's just had an orgasm. Track two, "Up Your Ass," adds in the vocals. The vocals add a bit of humor, but the lyrics are what's great. With a song like "Up Your Ass," you don't know what your going to get. An angry song, or a humorous song that has a slight angry undertone. Here they'll serve up a humorous song with lyrics on the angry side, but their way serves it up danceable and fun. "Leaving Town" starts off side two with a bang. Right from the get go you'll be jumping and dancing around enjoying this song. The ska riffs played on the guitar are precise, while the horns are so full and rich. The drums and the bass pull everything together tightly, but the chemistry of the band doesn't concern you. You'll be dancing the day away. "Wanting You" finishes off the cassette. It's still upbeat, but this time they slow things down just a wee bit. Don't think for a minute they'll slow the pace down to the point that you still can't jump around and dance. Oh no...that's not their style.

This cassette contains four good tracks. But we all know when you have a good thing, four isn't enough. These guys have the talent to entertain, and they should pursue this talent. A CD would be a pleasant delight from this band. I'll give this cassette a B-. Although their music is nothing close to an orgasmic experience, they still know how to have fun and entertain the listeners. Order this cassette from Jump! Up Ska, and support the scene! That way, they'll have money to release a CD in the future!

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