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June 22, 2024

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The Independents
In for the Kill (Rockduster Records)

By: Alex Steininger

When you pick up The Independents CD, In for the Kill, you would never think that this is a ska-punk band. No, what you would think is that this is a cheesy heavy metal band that hasn't realized the eighty's are over, and heavy metals dead. But once you open up the CD and put it in your CD player, you'll either be surprised or you'll wish these guys were heavy metal.

The CD starts off with "New in Town." Once the annoying bells are finished, and the song actually starts you'll be reminded of some sad, love struck heavy metal band trying to do a love ballard. But soon the real music kicks in, and the ska-punk portion of this band will start taking over. The guitars are quick and get your feet dancing, while the drums pound away and add thickness and depth to the song. But once the vocals came in, a thought popped into my mind. I started to imagine a heavy metal band that realized heavy metal was dead, so they picked up on the next big thing...SKA! There's nothing wrong with changing your music through progression, but when you just jump onto the next big thing for money, it gives the music a really cheap feel to it. And that's not what music is about. I'm not saying this is the case with the Independents, it's just what I am reminded of when I hear this disc. Throughout the CD, the music is great. I really get into the music, but when the vocals come on everything the CD had going was destroyed for me. But then came track three, "Love Sucks." CJ Ramone contributes guest vocals for this song, and it's a great song. Quick, yet melodic. The guitars are intense, but still portray the emotion they are trying to get out of the song. But then they switch back to their regular vocalist, and all is lost. I tried and I tried, but I could never get into their vocalist.

My one recommendation for this band is to boot out their vocalist while they still can, and then start fresh. Maybe it's just me, but I couldn't get into the band, for the sole reason of their vocalist. I'll give this CD a D. The music was great, don't get me wrong, but all their lame samples and horrid vocals ruined everything.

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