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June 22, 2024

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Acme-143 (Fearless Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Like your punk fast and with an edge? Lyrics that almost anyone can relate to at different times in their life? Want a band that you can release all your aggression to while listening to the CD? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, Blount is the band for you.

The CD starts off with "World of Seclusion." A powerful bass line whips the song into shape, before the guitar and drums decide to enter and send everything whirling into a frenzy. The lyrics pertain to wanting to run away and live in seclusion, because everyone else in the world is confused and just wants what's best for them. You'll find yourself automatically taking a liking to the band and their lyrics. You'll also find yourself sitting there thinking, "Hey, I feel the same way!" "Time Spent" starts out with some nice punk beats, and then the music slows down while the vocals start shouting the words they want to get across. After that, everything goes ten fold and jumps right back into the speed that will find you in a pit, slam dancing with your wall, or just jumping up and down rocking out the album in your own way. Each song keeps it short and gets its message across with powerful, fierce beats. Pay attention, you might learn something. "Anyway" is the longest song on the CD, clocking in at two minutes and twenty nine seconds. A soft guitar plays along with a soft bass, and gentle drums for the beginning. Then everyone decides they want to play their instruments with intensity, and everything jumps into a blizzard of noise. The guitar jumps out of the speakers and screeches in your face, while the drums toy with your heart beat as it beats ferociously against your chest. The bass is the tie that binds, with it's powerful, chunky sound everything comes together. "Minimum Wage" starts out very gentle, but with a song with a title like minimum wage, you know there's going to be some power and anger in the song. The drums start playing harder, and then the guitar picks up the speed. "Week to week, check to check/one step away from poverty, 20/20 covered the story/But they didn't catch the glory of it all" pretty much sums up their feelings toward minimum wage. "Running in Circles" is a minute and twenty one seconds. Fast, fast, and fast are the best ways you can describe the song. Like I said, they say what they need to say and close the song out quick. That way it doesn't get watered down and feeling-less. "Nothing to Say" is the last song on the album, and of course, the album ends with speed. Speed is what you'll come to expect from this album.

If you like your punk fast with emotion, this right here is what you want. Although, the album only has thirteen tracks and the longest song is a little bit over two minutes. In that aspect, the album is pretty short. At this rate, they could have fit twenty six tracks on the album. Come on guys, you have a good product, why not give the customer enough to satisfy him? I'll give this album a B-.

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