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October 4, 2023

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Brody's Militia/Widespread Bloodshed
Split CD (Sound Pollution)

By: Jeb Branin

The U.S. military is marching across half the globe looking for weapons of mass destruction and here are some, right under their very noses. Every single copy of the new BRODY'S MILITIA / WIDESPREAD BLOODSHED album has enough violent and destructive potential to eradicate life across several square miles. BRODY'S MILITIA spews out 11 tracks of hyper-as-hell thrash complete with plentiful screech-a-longs and two GG Allin covers (GG's crap NEVER sounded this good before*an interesting side note is the fact that GG tunes played as neo-thrash sound not unlike COC back in the day). WIDESPREAD BLOODSHED up the hyper ante even further by playing with even more reckless abandon. This is some of the faster hardcore you are ever going to hear. Best of all, they understand that to really emphasize speed you gotta have a few hesitations (or, dare-I-say, breakdowns) in the music as counterpoise. These tunes will cut through you as surely as would a belly-flop unto a running table saw. This CD is a truly essential buy. Seriously. If I had to choose between buying life-saving medication or this CD, it would be a tough choice.
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