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June 20, 2024

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Volume (Artemis/Popularity)

By: Alex Steininger

If you thought Andrew W.K. embodied rock 'n' roll with his party hard philosophy, Flipp kicks it up a notch on their latest, Volume, produced by Everclear's Art Alexakis and released on his own label, Popularity Records.

Three of the eleven songs on the album tell you exactly what this album is about - "I Still Love Rock 'N' Roll", "Rock and Roll Star", and "Cock Rock". The album is a non-stop, highflying assault of loud guitars, plenty of drums, and lot of low end to make you shake.

Flipp does what they do best, play melodic, catchy-as-hell, completely fearless rock while producer Art Alexakis does what he does best, make the record sound radio readily and flawless, with not a hair out of place.

The first single, "Freak", is hook-laden, with the chorus screaming "I don't want to be like everyone else, that's why they call me a Freak", saying it several times over, each time getting embedded deeper and deeper in your head. All the while you're smiling and singing along, falling prey to the Flipp plan.

"I Still Love Rock 'N' Roll" is as pop as Flipp goes. Smooth, cool backing vocals bring the song to life while the chug of the guitar reels you in before hitting you with the chorus and carrying you away. Very much an Art Alexakis-esque song, Alexakis' production and songwriting influences are felt here.

"Rock and Roll Star" is the partying rock number of the album, a fun loving, care free ode to 'having it made' and being a rock and roll star. "Cock Rock" proclaims to "put the cock in your rock and roll", while sweeping you off your feet with some heavy, hard hitting modern rock with the ever-so-slight nu-metal touch for spice.

Flipp goes out with a bang, delivering the heaviest song of the album, "Psycho Babble", for the final track. Eerie rap-metal combined with Flipp's knack for straight forward, no bullshit rock, this is their least energetic offering, but exudes a care free, fuck you attitude that will not disappoint.

Flipp knows rock 'n' roll, loves rock 'n' roll, and thus plays rock 'n' roll. This is chaos and noise fused together to ensure a good time. Party anthems, late night rock fare, and arena moments can all be found here. I'll give it an A-.

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