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May 17, 2024

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Wilbur Cobb
The Night of Wilbur Cobb 7" (Nova Recordings)

By: Jeb Branin

Although candidates for the worst band name of the year, WILBUR COBB are nonetheless one absolutely ripping hardcore band. I acquired this record because one of their fans sent it to me (thanks Rudolf!). It is a very good sign when a band's fans are so dedicated they spend their own money to help spread the word. I had never heard of WILBUR COBB and initially had absolutely no idea what to expect but it only took about 10 seconds before my mind was blown. WILBUR COBB unleash a youthful and hyper thrash in the vein of ULCER or maybe even HELLNATION. Many bands who try and play this fast seem to lose control of their sound and let it spiral out of control. WILBUR COBB, on the other hand, manage to be very tight and focused. They may be chaotic, but it is a controlled chaos (oxymoron anyone?). Their lyrics are really impressive as well. They take a very critical and, in my opinion, very accurate look at the hardcore scene and take it to task. They challenge a lot of the idiocy and mindlessness in the scene that far too often mirrors the very society it claims to be rejecting. Very good stuff indeed.
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