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October 3, 2023

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INTERVIEW: Dance Hall Crashers
Interview with Gavin from DHC

By: Mary

Mary: You play a ton. How is your tour with Third Eye Blind going? Are you looking forward to playing in Europe with NOFX? Are you feeling burnt out from playing so much?

Gavin: Well, we actually don't tour all that much, not compared to some, but when we do tour, we like it to be busy. Days off? Ha! We're only doing about 5 dates with 3EB and it'll start this Saturday. We're really looking forward to it. They've been really nice to us in the past and have given us some dandy props here and there, so we like them fine :). We're also doing a few dates with Madness in CA right after that which should also be grand. Can't wait for NOFX. That'll be great and loads of fun.

Mary: Who is your favorite band to play with?

Gavin: Couldn't pick just one, but we love playing with MMB, NOFX, Hepcat, Millencolin, MxPx, Weston and muchos muchos mas.

Mary: Who is your favorite Scooby Doo character? Which cartoon character do you have a crush on?

Gavin: Favorite Scooby has got to be Shaggy. He's some eater. I 'spose I have a crush on Marge Simpson, she's dreamy...

Mary: What have the major ups and downs of being in a band been?

Gavin: Mostly ups, but the only real down is being away from friends and loved ones when you tour. Aside from that, it's the best.

Mary: Have you had any big breaks or been badly screwed over by anyone?

Gavin: Big breaks... not yet :) We've had some good Karma, though, but we've been screwed more times than I can count. Happens all the time in this biz. I think we've been lucky, though. It could *always* be worse.

Mary: Do any wierd things ever happen on stage? Any psycho fan stories?

Gavin: Yeah, sometimes we get hit with stuff, shoes, batteries, bottles, change, it isn't really weird, but it shore does suck. We've had a few Hinkleys taht get a little spooky, but for the most part they mean well and don't cause any real physical harm or property damage.

Mary: What/Who inspires your funny lyrics?

Gavin: Mostly our own sick and twisted senses of humor, personal experience and sarcasm in general.

Mary: What is the history of the band? How did you get to where you are today? Where do you want to go?

Gavin: Whoo, that's a loaded question... The band was originally started by Tim and Matt from Rancid as a more ska side-project to Op Ivy. They left shortly thereafter to work on other projects and the band developed into who were are today. We got where we are by practicing and touring and recording for years and years and years. I dunno where we wanna go, just keep playing and having fun, that's the most important thing for us.

Mary: I heard some wierd rumor that you got your name from some Midevil ceremony-- or something like that. (I forget) Anyway, what's the truth to it?

Gavin: Wow, the rest of the gang will get a kick outta that. Actually a Dance Hall Crasher is a type of superconductor used in particle accelarators. It was actually really taken from an old ska comp from way back when.

Mary: You sound like you really like to have a good time--any practical jokes or funny stories to share?

Gavin: Well, we are really *really* funny, I mean *REALLY* funny, there was this one time we went out into this pasture and started pushing cows over, man it was great, and funny too.

Mary: If you could play with anyone at all, who would you love to share a stage with?

Gavin: I'd love to play with Elvis Costello.

Mary: What is your favorite Kool Aid flavor?

Gavin: I'm a freak, I like the nutrasweet cherry flavor.

Mary: According to Uma, there are only two different kinds of people in the world: Beatle people and Elvis people. Which type are you?

Gavin: Both!!!!

Mary: What do you have in store for the future? What have you learned from the past?

Gavin: Beat's me. Work hard and do your best, it probably won't work out for ya, but it'll be rewarding! I 'spose I've learned that.

Mary: Now it's your turn to tell everyone how wonderful you are and how great you are live and how you should be worshipped as gods. (I'll confirm every word of it.)

Gavin: Uh,'s a great show...well worth 12 bucks...oh yeah...

Mary: Do you have anything else you would like to say?

Gavin: Thanks for the support, we really apprecaite it.

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