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June 22, 2024

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The Articles
Flip F'real (Moon Ska Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Ska and jazz have long been together in music. If your a fan of The Skatalites, you'll know that jazz was a driving force in helping them create a musical form that is now known as traditional ska. With that in mind, The Articles bring together their favorite musical forms, ska and jazz, to form their own unique sound. The Articles sound. And on their latest release, Flip F'real, you'll find over seventy one minutes of pure, enjoyable ska-jazz combinations that will make you want to get up and dance, as well as sit down and just let your body soak in the music.

The CD starts off with "Dragonfly." A soothing track that will make you get up and dance. The horns will cut through any tension your body is feelings, and will let you just release all your anxiety so you can kick back and enjoy yourself. The guitar will make your mouth water, as you jump to your feet and just dance, dance, and dance. "Starsky" starts out with some very up tempo guitar strokes that will make your feet tap, while your body swings to the horns. The guitar will keep your feet bouncing, while the drums slowly set everything up, and the bass keeps everything up high. This song is one of my favorites on the CD, just because of the guitar. It almost has a little pop twist in it that will grab you and pull you forward, than inject it's beautiful venom into you, and make you beg for more. But in all reality, you don't need to beg. These guys serve up every ounce of what you want, need, and crave. "Well, You Needn't" take this disc out of your CD player, because if you do you'll be missing out on this track. Once again, it starts off with some of that delicious guitar, and then jumps right into some traditional ska you can sink your teeth into. The horns are as bright as their future, and the jazz that creeps in and out of the music will fill your heart with a lot of enjoyment. "A Soundtrack To Saturday Night" starts out with the keyboards filling the air, and then the horns jump in to re-enforce the grip the band now has on you and your ears. The slow, jazz heavy mood of the song creates the perfect atmosphere for you to sit down and just let the music seep into your body. As it flows through you, you'll find yourself in with a big smile on your face, and looking happier than ever. Your body will feel lose, and everything will seem to be going your way. The day will look bright, and the sun will magically appear. Well, maybe it can't do that much wonders for you...but your mind is fair game. You'll be seeing everything that's beautiful in life vividly in your mind, and you won't want the song to end. "Mingus The Merciless/An Incantation" closes out the CD with some upbeat jazzy-ska beats and slow times that will make you want to dance. But you won't want to dance alone. No, this song is to beautiful for that. You'll want to grab a partner and just dance with them, and let them experience the music as well.

The Articles throw jazz and ska into a bowl and finely blend them into their own creation. Although ska and jazz have been friends for a long time, with the modern touch of The Articles, now the music is more than just friends. I'll give this CD an A. Don't miss out. Pick up this CD today. At times you'll want to dance, and at other times you'll want to re-pay your body with some much deserved time of just sitting around resting and listening to this CD.

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