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June 22, 2024

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White Kaps
The Endless Bummer (Fearless Records)

By: Alex Steininger

White Kaps are a thrash-punk band from Orange County, California. This five piece act plays everything fast, and they play it well.

The CD starts out with "Won't Speak." The drums are as harsh as they get, and the guitars goes from choppy to fast in a matter of seconds. The bass thumps along with the melody, but the vocals destroy everything. The vocals have a weird feeling to them. It's fast yelling, but yet they try to go slower than the music and carry the words, and it sounds horrible. "More Punk" gives you a better idea of what this band is about. The guitars are distorted, the drums keeping track in the background, and the bass always has something going on. The music is fast, and will blow you away if you don't pay attention. The vocals are a little cleaner this time, and a lot more tolerable. The lyrics are even funny with lines like, "I was only six in 1982/How can you expect me to be as punk as you." "Hairy Mary" brings along more humorous lyrics about visiting Europe, "where a girl has never seen a razor." Their music may be humorous, but you won't be laughing if you get caught in the pit during this bands set. The speed will overwhelm you, to say the least, and the ferocious buzz of the guitars will put you flat on your ass. "Girl In The Pit" brings you a breather with it's soft chorus with a girl's voice chanting, "She's in the pit, she's in the pit, she's in the pit." It goes from fast like their other songs to the soft chorus, which is a perfect contrast. "Her Body" starts out with a bass line that will get you dancing along to, and then the guitars and percussion come in and keep you movin'. Then they bust into their ferocious assault of punk, and you start to understand what the song is about. The all too controversial issue of abortion. Their message, "Don't let the government govern your body, they govern everything else." The soft drop in the pace of the song near the end is musically great, and will actually leave you wanting more. But they go straight back to their punk, and leave you feeling a bit depressed. They just play that song at the beginning and near the end soft, and make it sound really great. Now a lot of their songs are serious, but they also cover controversial issues like abortion, but "Kids Song" is purely fun! It will bring you back to kindergarten when someone made you eat glue. You'll laugh, and most of all you'll just have a great time. The song itself is a lot calmer than the rest of the stuff. Actually, it's my favorite song on the album. They throw in childhood rhymes, and put that smile on your face with ease. Get this album just for this song. The CD even has a hidden track, which is a cover song of a song I'm sure you've heard! Buy the album and find out what I'm talking about.

A band that can go from serious to funny in minutes is a quite talented band. Now, I don't think the vocals are the best, but they are tolerable (except track one.) If you like your punk fast and thrash-like, you'll enjoy this band. I give this album a B+.

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