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June 22, 2024

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Music For The Morons (One Foot Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Five kids from Sweden combined equal Stoned, a pop-punk band that also has some ska riffs here and there. Fourteen songs fill their latest effort, with just under thirty minutes of music.

"One Day" kicks off the album. A nice pop-punk tune. The vocals are nice and melodic, and add to the song. The fast beats, the hooks, and the scream of the guitars amount to nothing short of a fun time. Everything is pulled together with the tight rhythm section, which give you thrills, chills, and a flat out grand ol' time. "Big Dent" starts out with a medium paced melody, and then the vocals enter and everything stays at about the same level. When the chorus hits, your chin will drop. The hooks keep coming and coming. You won't be depressed while your listening to this CD. If everything in life was this sweet, there would be no violence. OK, so I'm over-exaggerating a wee bit. "Pizza Pete" is my favorite track on the album. Why you ask? throws in some danceable ska riffs that keep you up and skankin' while you enjoy the song. Plus, it talks about pizza, and with enough listens will make you hungry. What would be better than listening to some great tunes while eating pizza? Well, a bunch of things, but eating pizza and listening to some great music (like Stoned) amounts to a good time. "Rock Song" is far more than just a "Rock Song." It's an addictive punk tune that throws the poppy hooks out into every direction, so you can't hide. It will shallow you whole. Don't fight it, don't resist it. Let it take you. Let it wrap its fingers around you and play with your mind for awhile. You'll enjoy it. "Partyland" is probably where this band is from. While they're kicking out the catchy beats your sure to have a party in your mind. Heck, why not play this disc at a party? Maybe the band will show up? Now, on the subjects of parties. You can't have a party without some ska thrown in somewhere. But wait...Stoned has covered their asses on that one! "Partyland" is a pop-punk tune that also allows for a few ska riffs thrown in here and there. That way you'll be able to kick up your feet and dance in this land. "Jukebox Jim" finishes off the CD. What a disappointing way to go. Sure, it's a fun song and the band probably had fun recording it, but with a disc this powerful, you can't end your disc like this. It's not a punk, ska, or pop tune. It's distorted vocals with soft bass and drums, while light strumming is played on the guitar. It could even be an acoustic guitar.

Stoned are kids with a future in music. These guys know what music is about...FUN! Not only can you tell that they're having fun while they play, they also throw some fun the listeners way. This CD deserves an A-. It's very catchy and infectious, so don't waste another minute and order your copy today.

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