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June 22, 2024

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The Smell of Victory (Fearless Records)

By: Alex Steininger

There's so much punk rock out there right now, it all starts to sound the same after awhile. Some bands keep their edge with their song writing, vocals, or creativeness with their tools. Nobodys really don't have any of that. They are creative with their instruments, which makes up for some of the fun and party type lyrics. But when the vocals aren't good, or they are annoying, something is lost in the music. With the Nobodys that is exactly the problem. Twenty two tracks with over fifty one minutes of music sound like a treat, but the vocals just aren't strong. They are sang in an annoying fast pitched tone. It sounds like the vocals are trying to copy that of some snotty 70's and 80's English punk bands. But it doesn't work. Sure the CD has some good moments with songs like, "You Make Me Wanna Drink," "So Cool," "Sara Doesn't Like Me," and "Wet Sheets." But other than that, all the songs start sounding the same. Not exactly musically, but the vocals make the songs blend. The music is quite distinguished song to song, but without the vocals it might as well be the same song for a while.

Nobodys can play the punk fast and loud, tough and rough, and fun and relaxing. But until they improve on the vocals I just don't see them making any waves in the scene. I really wanted to like them too. They are quite funny, as well as have love songs that are funny-serious-I don't care type songs. They take a serious matter and put a funny spin on it, and then give off the impression they don't really care. It is quite classic, but not this time. I give this album a C.

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