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July 24, 2024

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V XX III (One Foot Records)

By: Alex Steininger

What's more punk than writing the following on the back of your CD: If you find this CD either over priced, out of your $ range, or unavailable please write us. We Still will hook up our friends with D.I.Y. stuff (we have lots) for cost or a blank tape. We love you. Funbox/382 Sunnyside Avenue/Ottawa Ontario, Canada K15 054. This four piece has punk ethics like that, but wait until you hear their music. You'll be blown away by the musicianship.

Seventeen tracks compile this CD. These guys are too punk to only give you thirteen or fourteen tracks, the want to give you lots of music for your money! How sweet is that? The CD starts off with "If We Only Had The Will." It starts out very gentle, melodic, and gives off the impression it's going to be a slow rock song. But don't let impressions fool you. Although the slowness does run a bit long, it eventually comes to the good stuff. As it kicks it up a notch, everything is thrown into full gear. The drums endlessly pound on the drums, as if he was trying to break them. The guitars shoot to the moon with their intensity, and the bass knuckles it up with some finger licking good bass lines. The vocals go from screams to fast paced singing. "Trial" starts out with a quick slow intro, but then jumps into the fury you want. A love song turned anti-love song. Catchy melodies and the bands strong vocals will help you fall in love with this track. "Anthem Mark" starts out with some nice, calm bass and then becomes fierce! The song itself has a lot of lyrical power, but not quite written in the most poetic fashion. It's a bittersweet song. It has a sense of anger in lines like, "and we could lose inequality/and shit like that that makes us weak," but it also deals with unity and getting together to solve the problems that face us everyday, like violence. They may not be poets, but they put it in words you can understand. They throw this mess in your face, and your brain translates it into a nice punk rock track about unity. The final line is what makes the song pull together and touch every listeners heart. "If we start right now/It won't just be a dream." The truth in that line screams out at you, and you can't help but want to live in a society free of racism and full of unity. But there are too many non believers out there, so the dream has to stay alive in your mind if we'll ever achieve it. "Doubt" slows it down a bit, which gives you time to relax. It's still melodic, and the songs still heavy so you'll still love it. Up until this point, the previous twelve tracks have been great! This band is one terrific band. And rest assured, the next five tracks will keep serving up the songs that you want, crave, and need to live your day-to-day life. The CD closes out with "These Changes." Is there a hidden track, or not? Find out for yourself, or will you be too anxious to hit the rewind button and hear all of the seventeen golden tracks again? You make the call.

Funbox is certainly fun and entertaining. If you haven't heard them, pick up their CD and check them out! You'll fall in love with this band right away! A definite effort worth an A. Run, don't walk, and order this CD!

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