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June 22, 2024

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Drunk in Public
Tapped Out! (Fearless Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Drunk in Public is a five piece punk rock band from California. An energy filled album that is sure to be defined as an intense experience is a good way to describe their punk rooted in fast chords, pounding drums, and a bass that will send a boom right through your body. In other terms, these guys play their instruments with power and no regrets.

Right from the start the CD kicks it off with some power. "The Way He Feels" is a full on assault. The drums never lose time, and create their own while the bass slams away at the music. The guitar keeps it fast and distorted. The vocals lend the key that carries everything, and they do a good job. Not too rough, not too tough, not too soft, not too fast, and not too slow. I think you get the picture. The vocals are clean and take every note to it's fullest capable capacity. "Meaningless" starts off with basically the drums and the vocals off and on, with a little guitar fuzz in the mix. But after a few poundings on the drum everything's whips itself into full speed, and starts running circles around your head. The bass is clean and powerful, while the guitar is dirty and fast. The drums over power the music, but in a good way. The keep your head ringing and bouncing all through the song. "Cowboy Blues" kicks it off with a big "yeehaa!" The music is a bit different than the other songs on the album. It is heavily bass oriented, and the vocals resemble a country punker. But wait, what's this? They now put their own spin on it, and kick up everything to their usual punk beats. "Just You and Me" is another head on punk assault song, but it gets carried away with itself and repeats itself quite often. The phrase "it's just you an me" is muttered quite often, and gets very repetitive after awhile. "Something Changed" is a song about a friend or loved one who changed themselves for the "better", while everyone around them says they changed for the worst. In lyrical terms its not the best, but when you add these lyrics to bass lines like this and heart pounding drums, the music tends to get noticed over the lyrics. "Till ' The End" finishes out the CD. It starts out very soft-metal like, and gives you the impression it could be just another metal band trying to do soft stuff. But then they kick your ass when you the drums single the change. Everything whips into a faster paced frenzy, and the attack has started. No looking back. This is the final track, and they're going to get you head on. With this kind of power, you never want the album to end.

Just another punk band playing fast and trying to make a buck, you ask? No sir, not here. They may not have the greatest lyrics, but these punks just want to play fast and have a good time. They don't care what you and I think. Their sincerity comes across in their music. Now if only they could learn to write decent lyrics they would be a lot better. Oh well, fifty percent isn't bad. I'll give this album a B-. I just wish the lyrics were better.

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