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June 16, 2024

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The Drapes
The Silent War... (One Foot Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Forget any pre conceived ideas that you have about punk. Forget what you've heard about everyone being in a punk band to milk the scene, which later destroys the scene. Forget all that. Here comes The Drapes. A four-piece fast punk rock band that puts the "i" back in intense. These guys throw fifteen punk rock tunes in your face, and they never look back. They'll drive over you at full speed if your not careful, and they'll never stop.

The CD starts off with "Missing Piece." It starts of hard, but slow, and then with one beat on the drums the band knows it's time to jump forward and go a 100mph in a 40mph zone. They don't care, they're having the times of their lives when they run through their powerful tracks. "In The Mirror" is another fast song, with powerful lyrics to back it up. A song about losing yourself, while your life slips down the drains, and wanting to gain control of your life once again. Everyone has felt this way at one time or another, and here The Drapes open themselves up to you and let you take a peak inside. "Blame" is another track that shows these guys write songs that make you think, feel, and act on your emotions. "Blame" talks about a man who takes responsibility for his actions, cares for others more than he does himself, and generally never gives in no matter how hard life is pushing him. The way they characterize him, you'll quickly have a sharp imagine of this man in your head. A man who gives all his money to charity to help others, and lives in a one bedroom apartment with his box of Macaroni and Cheese, while his old TV plays Nick at Nite re-runs in the background. Yes, a vivid picture of this man will quickly be brought to your head. And that's what makes The Drapes so talented! You can feel every word they speak, every snarl the guitar makes, and every bang and thump the drum and bass throw at you. "Mistaken" starts out with a killer bass line, while the drums softly play in the back, and the vocals growl through their parts. Then the guitar screeches into the song and the pace of the song is flung at you at an unbelievable speed. "Taken by Surprise" brings you more lyrics that make you think, crunchy guitars, and a tight rhythm section. The CD closes on a powerful note with "Misery." These guys know how to rock, party, and live their lives to the fullest!

Every once in awhile comes a punk band with so much substance, so much power, and so much intensity that you'll hear their CD and not want to put it down for many months! The Drapes are one of these bands. Not only can they play the punk rock, they can also add lyrics with substance that are well written into the plot. I give this CD an A. Pick up this CD, or live life with regrets. Your choice...

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