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June 21, 2024

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Blitz Babiez
Thought Spawn (One Foot Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Australia has a new band on the rise, Blitz Babiez. This four piece, female fronted band plays punk rock fast and edgy, the way it should be. Add a slight hint of hardcore, and you've got a good idea of what these guys (and gal) are capable of.

The CD starts off with "Find Tomorrow." The bass kicks off everything, and then the drums and guitar slowly enter before everything jumps into full blast. Everything goes a mile a minute, as the guitar runs through it's part as fast as they can. The drummer beats on his skins as if he was beating the shit out of them to protect his life. Then there's the bassist who throws hard bass lines at your face, and makes you beg for mercy. The vocals, being female, add a certain cozy feeling to the music. Joanne's vocals add a softer, more gentle feeling to the music while they're pouring out the emotions. "False Saluation" is just your standard watered down punk song, but with female vocals. They go for speed, but then try to send in the edge that will hook you for life, but fall flat on their faces. The only thing good about the song are the vocals, but in the chorus all that is lost too. "Worlds Apart" brings back your faith in the band. As the drums beat on the cymbals, you can't help but jump up and bang around the office, school, room, or whatever the case may be. This time they're successful with landing the hooks, and the vocals keep they're strength throughout the song. "No," track nine, starts off fast and keeps getting faster. But the speed, or the raw power the band throws in your face isn't what makes this song the best track on the album. Not only does this song have a great melodic beat backing it up, but it the lyrics are so emotional they drive right to your heart and make you think. They grab your heart and cry to it for it's help. And all you can do there is sit there and feel the pain and reality the lyrics are spitting out. "We will fight it/We will fight it/When we say No/No is what me mean/No longer quiet/Fear has enlightened/One in four women raped is the reality/How can they blame the violence on what a women wears/They'll say she had it coming/While the male actions spared/But the fact behind this story was the girl said NO!" These words drive straight through you, and any person with a heart will feel the pain and emotion. And even if you don't have a heart, the music will get you listening to the track over and over again. "Trigger Slip" starts out with a chunky bass line that puts a smile on your face right away (at least it did for me.) Then the song picks up and drives right into the action. The vocals scream, while the song keeps the beat fast and harsh. The CD closes out with "Gratznog," which is track fourteen.

These guys can rock in some parts, and it seems in other parts they got tired and lost it. But they jump right back into the next song and give it everything they got. The lyrics make you think, the music makes you do something, and the vocals add warmth to everything. You can't lose with this release. I'll give it a B+.

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