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June 20, 2024

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Blink 182
Dude Ranch (MCA Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Those comical punk rockers are back with a bang! Fifteen tracks fill up the new Blink 182 album on MCA Records. Three guys with a wacky sense of humor and an understanding of what their audience wants out of their music is what you'll find on their new release.

"Pathetic" kicks off the CD. A pop-punk tune with everything you'd expect. Hooks that grab you and stick in your head for weeks at a time, and snotty punk vocals that are complaining about life while at the same time accepting life. The dueling vocals add a certain essence to this track, while the chunky guitar riffs bend and wrap around your skull and pull your brain right out of your head. Then they replace your brain with their infectious beats and make you run around the streets humming the tunes infecting more innocent pedestrians walking down the street. "Boring" starts out with some of those catchy pop-punk hooks that make you want to sink your teeth into. The vocals come on, and although they sound young, they still add the emotion the song needs. These songs are definitely not written by adults who don't understand how the younger generation thinks, but written by members of the younger generation who just wants to express their views and thoughts on how life is around them. And that element of trust always adds power to a song, power that can't be fabricated. "Apple Shampoo" starts out with some of those harmonious (yet rough in a way) vocals, and then the band kicks ass and just throws all their fury into your face. The drummer beats the drums for his life, while the bass player slams down some meaty beats that are sure to make a butcher jealous. And the guitar is loud, fast, and furious. Need I say more? "A New Hope" is just one of many tracks that will get you slam dancing across the room, and jumping up and down to the music. A love song for the women of his dreams...Princess Leia. These guys can be deep, but why? They just want to crank out some rock and roll, have a good time, and make you smile. And that's exactly what they do. "I'm Sorry" ends the CD. But you won't be sorry if you get this CD.

Whether your a fan of Blink 182 or haven't heard them before, this is a CD for you. Fifteen pop-punk tunes that will feed your mind. Run and hide, because this CD is going to take your mind and drain it of everything and make you eat, sleep, and breathe it's infectious tunes. I'll give this CD an A. It's just too good to pass up on.

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