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June 21, 2024

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30 Foot Fall
Acme-143 (Fearless Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Thirty Foot Fall is an action packed, melodic punk band from Houston, Texas. Their sound goes from fast to slow, and combines melody with humor to form their own brand of punk that you'll enjoy.

The CD starts off with "Urinary Nation," the story of a boy who found out he couldn't pee in front of others while at a game at the Astrodome. Fifteen years later he finds himself still struggling with his "Urinary Anxiety." Thick bass that is ever present in the music, and adds brute force to the song combined with pounding drums structure the rhythm section for this song. The guitar goes from melodic hooks to a fast paced frenzy that is sure to keep you on your toes. The vocals has a weird feeling to them, but after listening to the CD a few times you'll begin to see how they add even more humor to the song, and also add depth. They are as integral to the music as the guitar, bass, and drums are! This song is straight forward, and tackles real life issues (I'm not saying that "Urinary Nation" doesn't tackle real life issues, but...) This song will provide a chorus that will get you singing along after only one listen, and the rest of the song is a nice, mid-tempo song that keeps everything very melodic. But don't come here looking for pop, you won't find any here. It's just straight ahead punk with lots of melody and feelings. "Feel Like Morrissey" starts out with a nice bassline that automatically made this one of my favorite songs on the album. The bass is full sounding, and very chunky. As it booms it's way through the song, the drums beat all the way through to the core of the song, and the guitar throws in some of those hooks that will get you into the music. But all the melody comes from the vocals which carry the song. "Nothing Cool" starts out with some rock and roll guitar solo riffs, and then busts right into some punk beats that run faster than a marathon runner on speed. The guitar solo comes in a few more times during the song, but they keep it short and interesting. This song is just straight ahead punk. They even do a classic cover of Billy Joel's "Still Rock 'n Roll to Me." It starts out very soft, just like the original. Then with a quick shout it busts into some punk beats that will get you jumping and moshing around the house. All-of-a-sudden it calms down and then a saxophone comes in and adds some gentle vibes to the flow of the song. But they kick it back up, and finish off the rest of the song in a punk fashion. You've got to hear this song, it's great! The CD ends with a very long song, song title that is, "Willing to Survive One Day at a time like the band survivor that wrote the song "eye of the tiger." A full head on punk attack, even with well written lyrics about a female who has always been taken advantage of, but is still standing tall and surviving. But is that the final track or did they throw an extra track on? Let's see there's sixteen tracks on this CD, and your CD player is flashing thirty tracks. Something's the CD and find out!

Thirty Feet Fall play punk rock with a passion for funny lyrics and real life lyrics. They tell it how it is, and you have to respect that. Pick up this CD if your a fan of punk. You won't regret it. I'll give it a B+.

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