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SHOW REVIEW: Brad-Concert at the TLA: 7/18/97 in Philadelphia
(Epic Records)

By: Paula M. Sherman

As I mentioned in my album review for the group Brad and their new release Interiors, I attended their concert in Philadelphia at the TLA (Theater of the Living Arts) on Friday night, July 18th. Even though the skies treatened rain, the air was clear for the sounds of Verbow and Brad.

Verbow hit the stage at 9pm. This group was awesome! In the back, we had a great view of the stage, since we were at the highest point in the back of the room. This band played about 10 songs, I think. I forgot my notebook in the car and didn't have anything to write on, so setlists are not in my head anymore. But I predict that Verbow is going to make it big. Their songs were powerful and very well performed. And I was fascinated that a cello could be made to create a distortion. It sounded so cool. Allison is a great celloist. And the bands drummer was incredible as well. All around Verbow gave us some great music and a great time!

During intermission, the band crew set up Brad's equipment. Boy, those guys have lots of work to do b4 the band hits the stage. Then, the lights when down around 10pm and the members of Brad walked on stage. We all jumped up and applauded our hands off. Stone looked a little nervous in the beginning, but he loosen up a bit when the music started. Regan jumped behind his drums and Shawn, who was sporting a hat, sat down behind his keyboards, which were adorned with a hot pink feather wrap of somekind. I know there's a name for it, but I just can't think of it.

Again, I don't remember the setlist, but the band did play songs from "Shame" and "Interiors" and they covered a song . The best song they played was "The Day Brings"....god I love that song. But all the songs they performed were incredible. And seeing Brad in concert is so much more intense than just listening to the CD. But the music still causes the same magical effect.

Brad had us hopping all night long. Shawn got our attention by getting up from his keyboards and standing next to Stone and really getting down to some songs. We all loved that. They jammed for a while, and when I say jammed, I mean jammed. Brad is a mega-rockin' band, and they really looked like that had a great time on stage with their music. There was is one techno number that really flipped me out. I normally don't like techno music, but this song was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. The beat and this little clicking noise that went along with it was to die for, . And we all noticed Stone and Regan really getting into it. Totally awesome!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention "the lone bic". There was this person who was flicking a bic, someone in the left side middle of the mosh pit. And while songs were being played, and I was taking a breather from dancing, I couldn't help but stare at this one lonely flame flickering above the heads of the mosh area while the music was playing....quite mesmerizing.

The band finished up and left the stage....and we hooted and whistled and screamed for more. I lost my voice as a result of this. I screamed till I couldn't scream no more. And when it was all over, I couldn't utter a sound. My husband wondered why I was stupid enough to do that, but we were yelling and screaming so loudly, that when the band came back on stage for an encore, Stone was laughing and shaking his hands at us to calm the down :) We just wouldn't shut up :)

They came back and had us jumping till 11:30pm and it was totally and completely magical !!!!!!!!!!!! Their encore was even better than their set. Anyway, this was a fantastic evening and I applaud Verbow and Brad for giving us all a night to remember. Although I have to say, not many people were wearing orange, only a handful of people sporting circus attire...LOLS !!!!!

Well, thanks for reading ! Peace !

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