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May 21, 2024

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Falling Sickness
Right On Time (Hopeless Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Falling Sickness is a four piece punk band from Riverside, California. They also throw some ska beats here and there for your enjoyment. Playing loud, fast, and hard punk rock these guys throw a lot at you very fast!

Speed is Falling Sickness's power, and they prove it right from the get go. "Face The Clock" is very fast and if you don't pay attention you might miss what is being said. Honestly, you have to either read along with the booklet or listen a bunch of times to what is being said. But there's nothing wrong with that. These guys throw it out so fast you don't have time to think about what is being said, you only have time to enjoy the music. Track two, "Too P.C." adds a some ska guitar to the ever present punk mix. The outcome is a very fast ska-punk song that will make you want to jump around your room and bounce off the walls. "Fuk The Voters" starts off with some medium paced guitar, while the drums are playing fast and furious. A nice contradiction which is sure to grab your heart and pull at it. But it soon jumps into full gear and everything jumps in head first and plays fast and loud, the think Falling Sickness is quite good at! "You Don't Fool Me" is another fast and furious song that gets you up and running. All their power and fury come out all at once and collide to create this terrific music. "Ripperside," comes in on track ten. An "In Your Face" punk song about how "Ripperside" kicks all other punk and hardcore towns. They are proclaiming their allegiance to their hometown, and telling others that their town isn't even close to theirs all over some fast punk beats. It doesn't get better than this. "The Sickness" provides some lightning fast ska guitar blended in with their patented punk style to give you some more of their special punk-ska, which can be found in various parts on this album. "Start Over" starts out very heavy, but not as fast as they are usually. But don't worry. As the guitar singles the change in the tempo, they soon jump full speed ahead. Taking a break in a few spots, they eventually rip through everything. And what is nice, they execute it perfectly. The CD ends with a song about one of their favorite pastimes, "Drinking In the Streets." A final bang to close out a terrific eighteen track album.

If your looking for some "In Your Face" punk rock that also throws in some tasty ska beats here and there, look no further. This CD will feed your brain over and over again. You will not be disappointed! Make the choice, the right choice, and pick this album up. A definite A, and even border lining on an A+.

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