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December 12, 2018

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Red Chord, The: Fused Together in Revolving Doors
Red Death, The: External Frames of Reference
Remembering Never: Women and Children Die First
Return of Rock
Reveille: Laced
Rhapsody: Legendary Tales
Rhapsody: Symphony of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark Secrets
Rollins Band: The Only Way To Know For Sure 2xCD
Rondellus: Sabbatum: A Medieval Tribute To Black Sabbath
RPG: Full Time
RU36: Dumpster in the Sky
Rue: Rue
Rwake: If You Walk Before You Crawl, You Crawl Before You Die
Rzeznia: Mathematic Grind
Sasquatch: Sasquatch
Satanicide: Heather
Savatage: Ghost In The Ruins - A Tribute To Criss Oliva
Saxon: Heavy Metal Thunder
Saxon: Lionheart
Sayyadina: Fear Gave Us Wings
Scars of Tomorrow: Rope Tied to the Trigger
Scenteria: Act of Aggression
Scholomance: The Immortality Murder 2xCD
Scorpions: Unbreakable
Searing Meadow: Corroding from the Inside
Seether: Disclaimer
Self Hate: At The Beginning God Created Fear
Send More Paramedics: The Hallowed and the Heathen
Sepultura: Nation
Seven Witches: Year of the Witch
Severance: What Lies Ahead
Severe Torture: Bloodletting
Sewn Shut: Rediscovering the Dead
Shadow Reichenstein: Bella Was a Junkie
Shadow: Shadow
Shadows Fall: The War Within
Shaft: Quint
Shank: Coded Messages in Slowed Down Songs
Sheavy Republic?
Sheavy: Celestial Hi-Fi
Sheavy: Synchronised
Shortie: Without A Promise
Shrowd: TIRED
Shy: Hollywood & Vine
Shy: Unfinished Business
Siege of Hate: Subversive By Nature
Simon Says: Shut Your Breath
Sinai Beach: Immersed
Since the Day: El Mensajero No Es Importante
Sinner: The End Of Sanctuary
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