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June 14, 2024

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The Aquabats
The Return of The Aquabats (Horchata Records/Fearless Records)

By: Alex Steininger

What is music all about? Music is all about fun, and The Aquabats haven't forgotten that. They keep their music simple, fun, and enjoyable for all. Songs that everyone can relate to about losing your favorite toys, the television, and getting those CD's back that your friends keep stealing. The Aquabats are pure childish energy, and their blend of ska, surf, and pop will not fail at getting a huge smile on your face every time.

The CD starts out with "Playdough." A very upbeat ska song about losing your favorite toys. The lyrics are so simple even a four year old could understand them. "When I was a little man/playdough came in a little can/I was Star Wars biggest fan/now I'm stuck without a plan/G.I. Joe was an action man/Shaggy drove the mystery van/Devo was my favorite band/take me back to my happy land," are spoken in such an infectious beat, you'll find yourself singing along when the second chorus hits. After one track, you'll already be in love. That's how infectious and amazingly happy this album is. "Idiot Box" is a slam at the T.V. "Turn off the idiot box/it's a disease just like the chicken pox," is the message they are trying to portray in this song. Combated with another infectious, sing-a-long beat and you'll be putty in their hands. If their goal is to take over the world, they'll be nothing stopping them after everyone in the world hears this CD. "Pinch and Roll" is a tale of what ever man should already know about. Instead of scratching, "do the pinch and roll." The ska keeps you dancing, the vocals keep you singing along, all while the horns melt away all your insecurities and you fall pray to their happy tune. By "Marshmallow Man" they have already taken over your mind and body, now they want to transform you into an aqua cadet. The song starts off with very strong horns, and then the song transforms into a little more rock-ish style. The vocals are powerful, and loud in the mix. But they still keep the upbeat, happy edge to their music. Mix in some surf riffs, and it all amounts to a great time. Next up, "Aquabat March" throws more of their lovable melodies at you. Your smile keeps getting bigger and bigger, and you keep getting happier and happier. From depression to great happiness, this CD quickly changes your emotions. And the comical march possesses some of the most "serious" lyrics on this album. "Please don't kill us/we're just The Aquabats/we just want to have a little fun/ha ha ha ha/so if you want to fight we can duke it out/just please don't kill us with your gun/we're all just peaceful happy Aquabats/we would never take a life/we don't want to fight/but if we must please be cool no guns or knives," tell the story of how there is too much violence in the world, and now the violence is complex with everyone wanting to use a gun or knife, because hand to hand combat is out. It's too much work. After this semi-serious song (if you look deep down) comes "CD Repo Man." Ever had a "friend" still a CD from you just to tell you they lost it? Just call the "CD Repo Man" and he'll get them back for you. Just ask The Aquabats. "It's Crazy, Man!" finishes off the album in classic fashion. Another song to put another big smile on your face. Not only is it funny and entertaining, the music is infectious and well played. These guys know how to have a good time, and they can play too!

If your looking for some fun, don't pass up on The Aquabats. They're GREAT! This CD is nothing short of exceptional. These guys can cheer you up no matter what mood your in. If everyone in the world had to listen to this CD, maybe the world would be a better place? Pick up this CD, and have a great time! I'll give it an A! The CD is just a good time for all!

Next issue look for a review of the new Aquabats CD, The Fury of The Aquabats, along with an interview!

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