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July 23, 2024

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The Aquabats
Fury of the Aquabats (Goldenvoice Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Straight from Aquabania comes the amazing eight piece pop-ska-surf powerhouse The Aquabats. Sing-a-longable, tremendously funny lyrics combined with skankable beats driven by horns amounts for hours of fun. On their new CD they put you to the test.

The CD starts off with their first single, "Super Rad", already in heavy rotation on all the top radio stations. A slight touch of Caribbean percussion thrown in here and there, a guitar that keeps your feet in hyperactivity, and horns that blow your mind line this pop-punk-ska tune. The chorus gets you singing along within the first minute of the song, "All systems go/soon the world will know/the fury of the attack/feel the wrath of the 'Super Rad.'" The poppy hooks keep you interested and craving more, while the humor keeps a big smile on your face. Everything is way too happy to be depressed, so you quickly start skanking up a storm. Isn't life perfect? Can't you imagine live in Aquabania? "Red Sweater" is definitely the album stand-out. It starts out with a 60's malt shop "bop shoo opp" intro before quickly jumping in the tasty pop-ska beats you crave. A song about love!?!? That's been done to death you say? But wait, you haven't heard The Aquabats spin on it. This isn't a song about the girl leaving and the guy all depressed. "I'm your guy/your my gal/I'm so glad that we are pals/I'm your guy/your my gal/I don't care if we live in a garbage can," are the lyrics, and you can tell, nothing is sad or depressing in this song. As you skank and sweat up a storm, you'll be singing along after only one listen (if that.) Next up is "Magic Chicken," their ode to chicken as a food. After dancing and singing along you deserve a break. Take some time to eat some chicken, this song will make chicken that much more appealing (if it wasn't already enough.) "Captain Hampton & The Midget Pirates" starts out with a very sailor-esqe feeling, as if you are a sailor on a boat singing along with friends for entertainment, lonely on the sea. Then they throw some pop-punk into the mix, with blaring horns in the background. They occasionally stop to tell you the story of the captain as he searches for the pirates, as if to give you a break before making you move again. Next up we have "Martian Girl," which appeared on their previous album, has been re-recorded and powered up for your enjoyment. Also appearing on "The Fury..." from their previous album, The Return of The Aquabats, is "Idiot Box." Also re-recorded, they added more dressing to the mix to give you even more enjoyment. A bigger budget means they can serve up old classics in better quality, and with more energy! "My Skateboard" is a pop-ska song sure to be a classic. The horns are mellow and bring out the emotion in this song, while the vocals are sad and have a childish innocence to them. The beat goes from slow to mid-tempo, and leaves room for you to skank or relax. The CD closes out with "Theme Song." A chunky bass line kicks it off, and then some heavy surf riffs ride their way right to your ears. It eventually kicks into some hyper-ska that will end the CD with a BANG! But wait...and extra track? Some hidden stuff? Yes, they give it all to you.

If you are looking for a good time, want to dance and go crazy, and just want to smile and laugh while listening to music then this CD is for you! Highly infectious, after one listen you will think that these are old classics from your childhood growing up. A definite A+. Pick this CD up!!!

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