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June 14, 2024

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At Liberty
By: Ben Ohmart

I'm not at liberty to discuss that with you.

Just tell me if she's all right.

There will be a formal statement at the appropriate time.

You lawyers make me sick. You have to complicate everything. Why do you have to complicate everything? What the hell's wrong with wherefore instead of whereas? You guys like trilogies or something? I read these things and you say the same thing three times, because of the rhythm? What's wrong with you?


The truth, the whole truth

If you have anything to say you can say

No. I want to know if she's all right. I've tried seeing the kids

I know that. That is one of the things

Let me finish. Just because a court rules, doesn't mean there's been justice. I want to ask you something.

I'm not

I don't mean as her lawyer, I want to know what You personally think about this. If you think that the courts always serve what's right. An old woman is held up by a guy who really Needs the money. There are extenuating circumstances, Which. The lawyers explain, it all sounds ornate, everything's in threes, and the guy gets to go. It was either steal the check from the old lady and deposit it and wait several days for the check to clear, or the man's bankruptcy went hungry. His pregnant wife sits in the courtroom and doesn't put on make-up that day. What do you think?

I'm really not at liberty

GOD! Forget about your fee for One moment!! Okay? Okay? What do you think? That man gets to go free to rob other old women. And keep in mind this is what we work our whole lives for. Have a little to fall back on. Well, most of us. You're a lawyer.


I'm going crazy over here!! I can not beLieve you instituted police protection from me for this. What is it with you? Are you in love with her?

Sir, if you'll let me explain. I make no comment on you or your wife or whatever differences there are. Every man, every woman, we, we all think differently. You robbed a Catholic priest. A priest. The courts are Not going to take kindly to this. Justice has been served. You beat the man severely. He was down, you kicked. The Catholic Fund forgave you, and they wanted you for a photo shoot. The Archbishop thought, what a wonderful way to show people. You had a 3 o'clock, and you didn't show up. How can anyone trust you with a child?

Because I didn't show up?

Yes! You've got to learn to learn. You have a 3 o'clock, you start out at 2:30, I'd leave at two myself. Where are you located?

Midler. It's off

I know. You get on

Thanks! Thanks. I need directions, I'll remember. I'll remember! Is that good enough for you? Is it? No one told me a 3 o'clock WHAT?

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