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March 23, 2023

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U.S. Of Oi! -- "Volume 2" (GMM Records)

By: Vinnie Apicella

Often lost in the shuffle of east side, west side, bay side, bi-coastal, ol' school, hard core, and countless denizens of corner painters of a now era or other, is the fact that American Punk, before it became synonymous with sunny blonde superstars and scream till you get your way tactics, was a hard knock against societal short sight and a fight for rights. There were no blurred lines between Pop or Emo or Aggro or what have you, just the working class DIY style that decried change, much like the mighty UK pioneers of the day; one united voice of a generation that stood for all who stood below the dividing line, championing a cause through aggressive shout out's, and "Oi!" first popularized by the second wave of troops who one bettered the oppositional stance originally undertaken. Previously out of print, "Volume 2" is back to raise the level yet again, with eighteen of the most torrid Punk groups ever assembled. GMM, proud providers of state of the art thug rock for better than 160 years, is the safe haven for Street punkers' last stands and second comings; their take no prisoners attitude and extra wattage goes further than the glorified thrill seekers that often equate to new school "Punk" but haven't quite the same legitimacy to their title. This is no slouch collection mind you; you better know your shit cause they ain't givin' you much outside the songs that'll both get ya pumped and make ya deaf. We're a little thin here with the contents that only include a handful of select lyrics and space wasting band photos and funny fill-ins. Okay, cute, but why not break it down to the core for the fan, do a little debriefing, name the record, rag rag rag-- ya get the picture. So just go to the GMM site anyway, you'll find 'em all there anyway! Pist And Broke's the only group to appear twice here, first on "Ireland" and later "Dortmunder Union Boys"; that's two and eighteen for anyone counting. Says a lot for them, apparently. There'll be many age old stand by's of a the familiar fist for many a jaw to duck under...The Rogues' "Get Out Alive," smashing(!), Anti-Heroes "OI," The Wretched Ones, Niblick Henbane (they just sound Punk!), The Templars, long overdue heroes of the NY underground, sadly gone the way of the sewer; Fight songs-- nothing but fight songs, friends. It's an intensity befitting an upstart Black Flag and road rage personified, plugged by a dominant political slant that's equal parts pride and contempt; So rally around the "Troops of Tomorrow" for a Saturday night sing along, and blow out a few windows, drums, Reagan era holdovers, and earn your scars with this debt settling collection manufactured in the good ol' U.S. of fucking A!
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