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July 22, 2024

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FEATURE: The Casket Lottery
Classic Melodic Hardcore Slash

By: Greta Salpeter

Having been the solid Casket Lottery for roughly four years this July, the trio has managed to break through the ordinary barriers of classic melodic hardcore slash screaming emo and create groundbreaking music that is satisfying to everyone from the most intense hardcore rocker to a straight up emo get up kid and everyone in between.

It all began back in ....while on tour with Coalesce, Stacy Keith Hilt met Nathan Ellis and found a similar taste in music. They talked about forming a band much like what The Casket Lottery has become, but when Stacy left Coalesce and Nate took his place, it was several months till they spoke again. Finally regaining contact, Nate asked if Keith was still interested and that he had found an amazingly talented young, drummer from his town...enter-> Nathan "Junior" Richardson. Since then, with Junior on drums, Stacy on bass/vocals, and Nate on guitar/vocals, they've fashioned The Casket Lottery into something that you would definitely not want to keep 6 feet under.

Their music is incredible and their sound is indisputably one of the most unique and is always promising to leave you wanting more. The vocals usually begin warm and rich, yet a bit weakened, seeming to come from everywhere, with backup vocals that bring the melody and lyrics to life and create an unmistakable surrounding imagery. This is misleading and lures you into a false sense of security, which is right where they want you, comes the intensity of their hard vocal side. The instrumentals overwhelm you with an unbelievably full sound and add life and texture to the air between you and your speakers, which is undeniably something that only a few great bands have the ability to do.

"Survival Is For Cowards", The Casket Lottery's new full length, is what they feel to be their most prominent release. "It shows our growth as a group and as songwriters. We have gotten a million times more comfortable in the studio knowing what we are capable of, especially vocally. I think that will be the first thing you notice is that our vocals have made a huge jump over past releases..." says Stacy. He modestly acts as if the vocals weren't already amazing.

They describe "Survival Is For Cowards" as a lot heavier than anything that they've ever done before. The record is by far the most cohesive thing they have ever written. It has a sense of urgency that is underlying but will hit you as soon as you listen to it a few times. The Casket Lottery is definitely the perfect mix of full melodies like none other, and a more intense emo that is gelled seamlessly with the perfect amount of hardcore edge. You can view and order their music online at SECONDNATURERECORDINGS.COM and be sure to check them out at and on tour throughout the U.S. (If you're interested in their music, I highly suggest Choose Bronze Cd/Lp from '99.)

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