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July 14, 2024

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Gary Pig Gold Presents...

By: Gary "Pig" Gold

Two guys with the exact same first name have recently released brand new solo albums.

One is by that once-and-seemingly-forever-after Rolling Stone,

And the other is by my very good bass-slinging pal (not to mention esteemed former Ghost Rocket, Grip Weed and Tonebender) MICK HARGREAVES.

Of course the Jaggered half of this equation is gonna get oodles of press for his new platter, of that there is no doubt, but may I humbly redirect your attention -- and ears -- towards what I believe to be the much stronger candidate?

Namely Mick H. and his latest REDEMPTION CENTER, more info about which is always available at:

Now then, On to our Featured Match:

MICK J: The Rolling Stones once put out an album called "Out Of Our Heads."
MICK H: Once known to have gotten quite out of HIS head.

MICK J: Due to an irate Head of Standards and Practices, changes lyrics of "Let's Spend The Night Together" during a 1967 CBS-TV broadcast of the Ed Sullivan Show.
MICK H: Due to an aching head (and missing practices), forgets lyrics of "19th Nervous Hoedown" during a 1997 WKCR-FM broadcast of the Moonshine Show.

MICK J: Donated $70,000 worth of gymnastic gear to Great Britain's Olympic Team of 1984.
MICK H: Lost $700 worth of recording gear to the Great Tonebenders Flood of 1991.

MICK J: The London Times, taking umbrage with the Rolling Stones' 1967 drug convictions, asked the editorial question "Who breaks a butterfly on a wheel?"
MICK H: The Hoboken Reporter, taking umbrage with the Ghost Rockets' 1997 Rodeo Bar performances, asked the musical question "Who broke another bass string on 'Love Rollercoaster'?"

MICK J: Duetted with Michael Jackson on the Jacksons' mid-Eighties song "State Of Shock."
MICK H: Has been known to sing along with Ray Davies on the Kinks' mid-Eighties album "State Of Confusion."

MICK J: Refused entry into Japan several times during the Nineties, due to previous drug convictions.
MICK H: Refused entry into the Holland Tunnel repeatedly throughout the Nineties, due to incorrect toll change.

MICK J: Talked to his fans online, for the very first time, during a 1994 chat session.
MICK H: Talked to Technical Support, for the very last time, during yet another 1994 service meltdown.

MICK J: Beat out Mother Theresa and Carlos the Jackal in a London School of Economics students' poll to name a new honorary president.
MICK H: Beat out Mike Nattboy and Chris the Breetle in an Audities Power Pop List subscribers' poll to name the Best Grip Weeds Bassist of All Time.

MICK J: Anonymously purchased, via auction at Christie's in London, a tape of his earliest recordings with Keith Richard(s) of "Around And Around," "Little Queenie," and "La Bamba."
MICK H: Still searching anonymously, via the Internet, for a tape of his earliest recordings with the Swing Set of "You That I Want," "Trying To Get You Out Of My Mind," and "Never Mind La Bamba, Here's The Sex Pistols."

MICK J: First solo album was entitled "She's The Boss."
MICK H: No, HE'S the boss!

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