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June 15, 2024

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Masquerade In Blood (SPV/Steamhammer)

By: Jeb Branin

All hail SPV/Steamhammer!!! This is definitely the crowning jewel of their re-released SODOM back catalog. Originally spewed forth in 1995 "Masquerade In Blood" was SODOM's "comeback" album and to make sure the comeback was fitting for a band of their stature SODOM released the most punishing and crushing album of their career. In overall delivery this album was probably closest to "Persecution Mania" but the song writing is better and the production is far more thundering. "Masquerade..." is decidedly fast and unsympathetically heavy. It is the musical equivalent to a jackhammer on your skull. It is the album that made death metal bands all over the planet crawl under their beds and whimper for their mommies. Even the requisite cover tune "Let's Break The Law" is one of their better attempts at tackling someone else's material and lacks the overall cheesiness of most of their cover attempts. When it comes to SODOM this is THE album to own. I know their earlier stuff is more raw and sick and that albums like "Persecution Mania" and "Agent Orange" are more classic but when it comes to quality this is the ultimate SODOM album.
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