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June 23, 2024

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Breeding Death (Century Media)

By: Jeb Branin

BLOODBATH is like the mythical multi-headed hydra. It is a side project, a retro project and a quasi-tribute project all at the same time. Made up high profile names from the contemporary Swedish extreme metal scene... Mikael from OPETH, Anders from KATATONIA/DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE, Jonas from KATATONIA/OCTOBER TIDE and Dan Swano from just about every other band you can name... BLOODBATH is sure to garner plenty of attention. They play a blood soaked brand of death metal that pays homage (for the most part) to the early American death scene with its relentless brutality and uncompromising and over the top approach to gore and violence. Low tuned and crushing this is so dead on (pardon the pun) that is sounds like it crawled kickin' and screamin' out of the grave it was laid to rest in circa 1992. Y'know I love it in spite of the fact it has been done a million times before and there just hasn't been enough years gone by since this style dominated the underground to make it really effective as either "tribute" or "retro . Towards the end of the third and final track "Furnace Funeral" the band infests their "pure" death sound with some atmospheric embellishments that are far more indicative of their homeland's death flavorings mid decade but it makes an interesting juxtaposition nonetheless.
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