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May 21, 2024

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House of Bad Touch (Alternative Tentacles)

By: Jeb Branin

A new CD by BUZZKILL is always cause for celebration. BUZZKILL combine all the harsh and rockin' elements of primitive punk and hardcore and combine it with a distinctly progressive sound. They follow no trends and are reminiscent of no single other band, yet there is nothing bizarre about their sound. They are one of the very select acts who manages to stay within parameters that are recognizable and still generate a sound that is totally unique. Much of the time their sound could be described as "thrash" but they undercut that description on such a regular basis that to use it would almost be misleading. Take for example the first three tracks of the CD. It opens with "Yeah" a fast and furious instrumental that would do NOMEANSNO proud. Following that is "Psycho" which is a blistering thrash tune that will firebomb your cranium. "Springer" by contrast is a relaxed pop ditty that shows off the band's lyrical prowess by sarcastically examining The Jerry Springer Show as an example of social propriety. Brilliant and funny as hell. Other masterpieces on the CD include the ferocious "1,2, Hate You", the short and punchy "Just Because I Want To", the tumultuous and noisy instrumental "Aliens" and the rapid fire "All's Fair" that reminds me of something that Brad Knowitall would have written. This CD really lacks nothing except a bandwagon to ride. A masterpiece.
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