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April 20, 2024

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Abhuta'parikalpita (cassette promo)

By: Jeb Branin

This may be my favorite piece yet from JLIAT - aka James Whitehead. Again the piece is drone (read my review of JLIAT "Hilbert's Hotel" this issue for a more detailed discussion of drone's all meaning meaninglessness) but this time the texture of the sound is denser and harsher than anything I've heard from him. Gone is the relative sense of beauty and serenity that mark his other releases and in its place is an urgency and a desperation. This sound actually seems to be trying to break free of the drone. It is like a living being trying to force meaning into something that has no meaning or possibly all meaning. The piece was inspired by the concept of searching (possibly even religious searching) for purpose but in truth the only purpose to be found is in the search. It is much like man's search for self. The only real meaning is the actual search itself, not the finding of anything, because if you ever find yourself, you will be lost because the search will end and there is nothing without the search. Read 'Peer Gynt' by Henrik Ibsen and you will see a man in search of what he already has. Listen to "Abhuta'parikalpita" and your ears will search for order and try and insert it into the sound, yet the sound already is pure order - a constant with no variables. This has been released as a limited edition, lathe cut, vinyl LP. Only 50 have been made. My copy is a cassette promo of the album... damn- :-), if you want a real one you better shoot right over to the website now and order one. I have no idea if these cassettes will be made available to the public after the 50 records are gone. Recording info, according to James, for those interested: "Original material programmed on a Trinity (july 98) processed through lexicon delay & Yamaha Rev 5 and recorded to MD. MD processed through Phillips CDR (used for sample conversion!) then via a VS880 HDR (for eq) to DAT."
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